Money management shouldn’t cause one to get stressed or have a heart-attack. We are here to help. Learning how to manage money is a key life skill that everyone should learn.

Have you ever heard of the term money manager? The association of that term is often with bank tellers, financial institutions, or better yet with someone who manages someone else’s portfolio?

With respect to that perspective of a money manager, aren’t we all money managers in one way or another? Don’t we all have our own “portfolio”? Learning how to manage whatever our own “portfolio” looks like will lead to greater financial success.

The money management section of this website revolves entirely around this larger concept… of becoming a Personal Money Manager.

Here are the key life skills that will make you a good money manager:

The Connection

How are each of these connected?

1. Start Budgeting – Learning how to budget can increase your financial prowess… becoming a master at budgeting will really set the tone for your finances.

2. Save for Everyday Life – After putting a budget in place, unleashing your savings plan…hulk style, will help demolish every expense in the way of your goals.

3. Become Debt Free – After saving money each month, the next logical move is to use that extra money to start working your “debt destruction plan”.

4. Plan for Retirement – Once your debt is out of the way, focusing on planning for the “golden years” and getting your retirement plan back on track is the net phase.

5. Invest Wisely – Finally, now that you are debt free and have retirement plans funded each year, it’s time to start investing your extra money like a pro.

All of these steps are connected. By become a Personal Money Manager, you can successfully move your financial life forward. Money management is a life skill, and after you have implemented this skill into your life, you will gain power over your life!

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