How to Make Money with 330+ Ideas

Beware…this post is definitely on the “beefy” side.  25,000+ words, 330+ ways to make money, and 136 hours of creation time. You can download our entire list for FREE below. 

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How to Make Money – An Introduction

At one point or another, all of us have been stressed about money…it’s part of life.  During these stressful times, it’s common to start looking at ways to cut back or ways to earn more money.

At Power Over Life, we believe that cutting back on your expenses is the first step.  If you can get your spending under control, then when you do add income, it doesn’t fund your useless spending… it will actually increase the amount you are saving.

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If you need to address how to cut back on your expenses, check out this article on creating a savings plan.  For those of you who are ready to learn how to make cash on the side, this post is for you.

The List

There are a lot of resources on the internet that help others learn how to make money fast, easy, online, at home, on their computer, and the list goes on and on.

It seems that each of these resources write about one specific area of opportunity for making money…for example how to make money on Youtube or ways to make money from home.

After reading a post on ways to make money fast, you are then pointed to yet another post to get additional ways to make money.  There are just too many posts to read out there, too much clicking around, and too much time spent searching endlessly from website to website just to find an idea that might work for you.

The problem is that those who are money hungry and ready to start making money on the side want to see all of the money-making ideas that work right now.  Jumping between 50 websites to get ideas just takes too long.

For that reason, this “one-stop shop” resource was created. Keep in mind that this is mainly an idea generator list.

This may not be the most detailed list on how to start doing something, but anyone should be able to walk away with a few ideas to help you start on your money-making journey.  We’ve also included ways to “get started”, so that you can become proactive and start becoming a money-making machine.

Different Ways to Earn Money

All the different ways to earn money

330+ Ways to Make Money – By Category


Here are a few disclaimers about this list:

  • Most of these ideas could justifiably be listed under multiple categories.  For those, we just picked one and left it there.
    • The only exception is for the kids/teens list.  A small number of items have been added twice to provide a better list for the kids/teens.
  • All pay information comes from Payscale, unless specifically cited.


Business Category


*This section will provide money making opportunities that could be turned into a business, even a full-time income.  These are ways to make money at home, or a home office.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Finance Services

Good with numbers or even have a finance/accounting degree?  Consider doing accounting, bookkeeping, and finance services on the side (or turn it into a full-time income).

Companies and individuals that don’t want to do their day to day bookkeeping or monthly finances and accounting will outsource this.  From financial statement preparation to budgeting and forecasting, to entering journal entries, and everything in between.

Average Pay – $16.17/hr. in 2016.  Accounting / Finance services will warrant higher pay.

*Obtaining certifications and/or a degree will most likely be beneficial with this idea.

Get Started

Flipping Homes

Have you ever wondered how to flip homes?  You’ve probably seen shows on TV where people buy a home, upgrade it, and sell it for a profit.

If you are good at organizing people and things, you’ll do great.  You’ll need to organize the purchase and sale of the house, decide what to remodel, and work with the contractors to do the work.

Extra kudos goes to the people with building skills, the DIY’ers.  You’ll save money by doing things yourself, but it’s not required.

Look for a local house flipping team (google it).

Average Pay – Varies by house (but some real profit can be had here…)

Get Started

Start an Online Store

Anyone can sell extra stuff that they have laying around on craigslist, Ebay, or Amazon.  Putting an online store together is a bit harder.

There are still a ton of places to sell your items… on your own website, social networks, forums, online stores, and the online marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

You can make the products yourself, buy them locally and resell them, or buy from a wholesaler.  There are a lot of options here.  Setting up the actual store and working out the products will be the biggest hurdle.

Average Pay – Varies, but there are people who run online stores as a full-time job.

Get Started

Travel Consultant

If you want a flexible schedule and make a living talking about the places you love, this is the job for you.  You could be a travel agent for a company… or you could start your own travel consulting service.

While there are a lot of travel agencies out there, a lot of people are switching to home-based travel businesses.  You can earn great commissions, and maybe even travel for cheap or free.

Average Pay – $19.25/hr.

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Business Category


*This section will provide easy money making ideas that work and could be turned into a business, even a full-time income.  These are ways to make money from home, or at least can be made operations from home, with local clients.

After-School Program/Club for Kids

Have a knack with kids?  Start an after-school program or club for kids.

Parents don’t want to think about what their kids do between school and when they get home from work.  This is the perfect opportunity for a stay at home parent to earn some extra cash.  It’s a win-win for both parties.

Some states even offer subsidies for supplies and other things for those who do programs like these, so make sure to check and see what your state offers, if anything.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how many kids are involved.

Get Started

Be a DJ

Like music?  What about turning that love into a side job?  If you are good at putting a good playlist together, you can start making some money.

There are a ton of places that hire Disc Jockey’s… private and public schools for dances, along with private gigs like wedding receptions, work parties, and more.

Startup costs may be a bit high, especially if you want quality equipment.  But start small and get nicer equipment later.

Average Pay – $40.00/hr.

Get Started

Become a Coach / Personal Trainer

Sometimes, it’s hard to get into shape.  It’s also hard to advance an athletic career.  In both situations, one-on-one help can be extremely helpful.

If you love fitness and sports and you love seeing others succeed with their goals, you’ll love being a personal trainer or coach.  Consider getting certified.  Coach Up offers the largest network of coaches for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Average Pay – Personal trainer/ Coach = $18.00/hr.

Get Started

Become a Doula

A Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a family before, during and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Doula’s are a growing force in maternity culture.  This personal service is especially helpful right after spending 10 hours in labor!

You will need certification and it can take up to 2 years to get the training done, but then you can set your own hours and work when you want to.

Average Pay – $500 – $2,000 / child birth & $45,000 or more full-time.

Get Started

Be a Tour-guide

Is your local hometown a “tourist” area?  Could you give tours and earn some money doing it?  Do you know the ins and outs of a unique spot near you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could become a tour-guide.  Get paid for knowing the fun, cool facts about a specific place.  Do this locally or around the world.

Average Pay – $11.00/hr.  The pay not be the greatest, but hey…it’s fun!

Get Started

Build Custom Furniture & Other Wood Items

Do you like whittling with a knife?  Or perhaps you like to play with big equipment?  Have an eye to turn wood into something beautiful?  Start a custom furniture business, or sell smaller wood items in your spare time.

Look for local classes to learn how to use machines and work with wood.

Average Pay – Varies, because it’s custom.  Put more into your piece of “art” and it will become worth that much more.

Get Started

Car Washing, Detailing, & Rock Chip Repair

Everyone likes a clean car, right?  Nothing looks better; let’s be real.  The problem though is that not a lot of us have the time to get our cars washed every week.

Get an auto detailing startup kit and start talking to people.  You could even consider doing work for dealerships who want to outsource their detailing needs.  Also, consider repairing rock chips (it’s a huge business and isn’t hard to learn).

Average Pay – varies, based on amount of services offered and how good your reputation is, put can be a great source for part-time income.

Get Started

Catering / Baking Business

If you are good with cooking and baking, then starting a catering and baking business on the side might just be up your alley.

Keep in mind that when dealing with food, you’ll want to have all the right permits and licenses that is needed in your state.

Potential customers can come from all avenues, from events, to business meetings, to weddings.  Set up shop and look for any customer that you can.

Average Pay – Varies, based on how many gigs you get, but there is serious money to be had.

Get Started

Cleaning Service

Put the mop to the floor and the scrubber to the toilet!  Let’s get our clean on.  A lot of people just don’t want to clean their house, or sometimes the occasional deep clean is needed.

Whatever the case, this lack of desire to clean creates a huge market for cleaning companies.

There are a ton of options for cleaning services within the residential and commercial sectors.  Get your supplies and possibly some employee help and get to it.

*Consider getting a Cleaning Business Owner Certificate from IAP Career College.  They teach all the skills needed to start and run a cleaning business.

Average Pay – Pay will vary, dependent on residential and commercial.  Checkout local companies and how much they are charging.

Get Started

Dance Instructor

Not everyone can dance, but if you are good at it, then consider starting a part-time dance studio.

You’ll need some floor space, along with students and some free time.  Instruct youth, teens, or even do couples dance lessons.

If you have a reputation for your dancing skills, you may not need a degree or certification, but it may help.

Average Pay – $20/hr.

Get Started

Day Care/Preschool

If you are good with kids, starting a daycare or preschool might be for you.  You’ll need to consider licensing.  Make sure to contact your state’s Department of Children and Family Services.

Once you open shop, make sure you seek out grants.  There is money out there that will help reimburse you for certain expenses.

If you are starting from your home, your start-up costs may be low, but if you build a childcare center, you may need anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000 to start.

Average Pay – Varies, based on how many kids are in each class.  A good number to start is $125-$175/ week/ child for full-time or $25-$40/ day/ child for part-time.

Get Started

Dog Walking Service

Dog’s need walking.  Why not make some money doing it?  Offer to the elderly, and others in your neighborhood to walk their dog for them.  This job will be the best for those who know dogs well and are good with them.

If you build up a large clientele, you could even start doing it full-time.

Average Pay – $12.39/hr.

Get Started

Estate Sale Service

Typically, when someone dies, the beneficiaries can lay claim to their stuff.  Once they have collected what they want, the rest needs to be sold, with the funds then being split among the beneficiaries.

Death is always a sore topic, so be sensitive here…but if you are good with organizing things, you can offer to run the estate sale so that the family members don’t have to deal with it.

Check out your local obituary to find potential customers.  Just remember to be sensitive!

Average Pay – Typical fees vary from 20-45% of sales.

Get Started

Event Planning Business

Good with details and organizing an event?  Turn your hobby into cash.  This is something that you can start on the side, doing a few gigs here and there, but is scalable once you get your reputation out there.

Plan meetings, conventions, and other special events!

Consider getting certified by QC Event School.

Average Pay – $21/hr.

Get Started

Flipping Cars

This is one that only the brave should do.  It will take skill, especially if you are fixing up the cars yourself, and patience.  This one takes time to master.

Look on craigslist and other car marketplaces and buy a “clunker”, fix it up, and sell it for a profit…or at least that’s the idea.  The problem is that sometimes cars have problems that you just can’t see from the get go.

The other problem is that it is technically illegal.  But a few cars a year…

Average Pay – Varies, based on the car.  Perhaps a few hundred to a few thousand per car.

Get Started

Garage Sale Planner

This one is just like the Estate Planner, just specific to garage sales, which are typically a bit downgraded and not as big.

You’ll find your clients by word of mouth.  A lot of people have stuff that they want to sell, but don’t know how to run a good garage sale.  Offer to do it for them.  You’ll help organize the stuff, mark all the items, and then perform the actual sale.

Negotiate a percentage of the sales that is worth it to you and the customer.  This one is pretty intuitive, so the getting started section has been removed.

Home Appraisal

Becoming a home appraiser is easy and an ideal position for someone who wants to work from home.  Living in a metro area is almost a must, as you need a lot of buying and selling of homes to keep steady work.

You’ll need to get a real estate appraiser license, to check your state for details on that.

Average Pay – Fee per house, typically $300-$500/house.

Get Started

Home Based Makeup Service

Beauty services and products are the in these days.  You can sell cosmetics from home and/or you could offer to do makeup services for weddings, and other special events.

You’ll need a keen eye with makeup and how to make a woman look good.  But if you can do that, you’ll do well.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found.

Get Started

House Painting

House painting has become a big business.  Whether it’s just some curb appeal, or getting ready for a home purchase, people like having their houses painted.

You’ll need to take a few steps to get started, including licensing, insurance and workers comp, registering your company, buying equipment, etc.

Average Pay – $35/hr.

Get Started

Interior Design Consultant

Becoming an interior design consultant is an awesome gig.  You’ll need to have the “creative eye” and how to decorate living spaces.

Your reputation is what will be the king in this business.  If you get your name out there, you’ll always have business.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on whether it’s per project or per hour.

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Junk Removal Service

We all accumulate junk, trash and waste, whether it’s from parties, remodeling projects of just the day to day activities of life.

All of us must purge once in a while.  Fortunately, we can hire a waste removal service to do the dirty work.

So, become that person who does the dirty work!  Earn some money for doing it.

Average Pay – $138 – $373 per project

Get Started

Pet Massage Therapist

Even pets like to be handled with care and pampered occasionally.  It’s also good for their health, just like massages are for us.

Average Pay – $40 – $70 per treatment session

Get Started

Pet Sitter

Would you rather work with animals than people?  What if you get PAID to play with pets?  Pet sitting, caring for travelers’ pets in their homes, can be both a part-time or full-time possibility.

If you want to go big, create a “pet hotel” where people can bring their animals over to your location for an extended stay.

Average Pay – $25 – $50/ day of care

Get Started

Professional Organizing

You’ll need to be great at organizing, but probably more at loving people and working with them.

You may also want to consider these two things too:

Average Pay – $25.55/hr.

Get Started

Property Manager

Becoming a property manager is something you may not have thought about, but you absolutely could do it.  If you are currently renting, reach out to your landlord and see if they could use a property manager.

You’ll need to help maintain the property, handle applications of new renters, and help turn apartments over when people leave.

Average Pay – You’ll often get rent for free or at a reduced rate ($400 – $800 value a month)

Real Estate Agent

Want to know how to make money in real estate?  You aren’t the only one.  It’s becoming a big market.  You can make money by purchasing and selling homes, or you could be the person helping that person.

Real estate agents need to be good with people and good with selling, or you won’t go very far.

Making money in real estate is doable, but keep in mind that you’ll need to get licensed and then you’ll need to house your license with a Real Estate Broker.  Once that is done, you can start controlling your own schedule.

Average Pay – $22.11/hr.

Get Started

Repairman / Handyman Service

Becoming a repairman or handyman isn’t something you typically try to do.  Normally you start by fixing up your own house, then your parents, then your neighbors start calling you.

But the next time your neighbor calls, ask them for a fee.

You’ll need to review your state’s laws regarding earning money while being a handyman.  Some states will require licensing.

Average Pay – $391 per project (Home Advisor).

Get Started

Sewing & Alterations

If you are good with a needle and/or sewing machine, then consider doing alterations and sewing projects for a fee.

Offer services such as clothing repair, custom tailoring, and button replacement.  If you can get a reputation, you’ll have a steady income from returning customers.  You can do this at home, or by setting up a shop.

Average Pay – Varies, based on the project.  But you can easily aim for $15-$25 per hour.

Get Started

Stage Home Business

Become a home stager!  Studies show that staging your home works to get it sold.  You’ll need to be able to keep/rent large pieces of furniture, as well as move them in and out of the homes that you are staging.

Average Pay – $31.45 – $40/hr.

Get Started

Start a Pop-Up Shop

Have you ever heard of a pop-up shop?  It’s where you set up a table or “shop” and sell your stuff on the weekends, and at retail events.  Even a lot of college campuses have a “vendor” day where you can go sell your items to the students.

With this option, you can create, or buy and then resell whatever you want.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on what you sell.

Get Started

Private Swim Lessons

If you have a private pool, or access to one, you can sell your swimming expertise.  Create your own schedule, including classes and how many students you’ll have in each class.

Consider putting up flyers or putting information on social media.  This one will probably be a slow growing machine, but if you keep at it from summer to summer, you’ll gain more and more students.

You’ll probably want to become a certified swimming instructor.  Look for local classes to do that.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how many students you have in each class, as well as if you do private lessons.  Private lessons should be around $80/hour.  For classes, aim to get $80/hour between all the students involved.

Get Started

Teach Elderly Computer Skills

This is an option that many elderly folks see as a benefit to their lives, plus a lot of them have the money to pay you.  Consider going to a senior center and looking for customers, or by word of mouth.

If you are good at basic computer skills, using office or mac computers, email, documents, surfing online, etc., then you’ll be great teaching the elderly.

Average Pay – $10-$15/hr., but it’s up to you!

Teach Music Lessons

If you have any skill with a musical instrument, which also includes your voice, consider teaching lessons.  From piano, to voice, to the violin, or everything in between.

Turn your expertise into cash.  Setup your own schedule, and possibly even setup a website/Facebook page or some way to connect with others.  Word of mouth will be your number 1 resource for new clients.

The resource below shows tips for setting up a piano teaching business, but can be applied to any type of music teaching business.

Average Pay – Varies, but strive for $25-$40 per hour.

Get Started

Washing & Ironing Business

This one is like sewing and alterations, in that people just don’t like doing the work to keep their clothes nice.  Washing, folding, and ironing is similar.

Set up fliers around the neighborhood or posters on the street and advertiser your services.  You may need to make some extra space in your house to hold all of the clothes.  Set up your own schedule with pickup and delivery times when you want.  Even consider doing a delivery service for an additional fee.

Average Pay – Will Vary, depending on the services you offer and if you do it by piece, or basket.

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Washing Windows & Houses

Window washers can make a healthy amount of money.  $40-$70/hour.  That could easily give you a consistent $500 every weekend, if you had enough business.

You’ll need supplies and will need to find customers, but if you do, you’ll say “Cha-ching”!

Average Pay – $40-$70/hr.

Get Started

Wedding Photographer

Everyone wants pictures from their wedding, so become the guy/girl that everyone remembers for life.  You’ll need some equipment that can be a bit pricey.  Spend some time on forums to find out which products are the best.

Consider putting up a website for others to visit, and maybe even offer free pictures for the first few clients in exchange for putting their pictures on your website.

Want to go bigger?  Also, get a photographer booth and rent it out at receptions.  The reception guests will love it.

Average Pay – Varies, but some photographers earn thousands for weddings.

Get Started

Wedding Planner

Speaking of weddings…they can cost a lot and be a nightmare for the bride, groom, and family.  Being a wedding planner has pros and cons, but the best part of the job?  You get to help others enjoy the best day of their lives.

You’ll need to have great skills with coordinating everything and working with people.  Set up your own schedule and work from home!

Average Pay – Just like photographers, this varies between $1,000 – $10,000.  A few thousand would be a good day though.

Get Started

Wedding Reception Services

And since we are talking about weddings, what about planning the reception?  There are a lot of options here… you can just do the decorating, the catering, or do it all and plan the entire event, also hammering the location and DJ.

If you want to go big, purchase/rent a location out for receptions and do all of it.

Average Pay – Varies, dependent on which services you choose to do (but there is big money to be made).

Yard Maintenance Services

Everyone likes a nice-looking yard, but a lot of us struggle to find the time to keep up on the maintenance.  Why not turn that over to someone like you.  Full-time yard maintenance workers make really good money, especially if you can get large contracts with apartments or HOA’s.  

You’ll need equipment, and possibly find employees.  Get a website as well to send potential customers to.  

During the off-season, consider doing pest control, Christmas lights, or something else to supplement the work.

Average Pay – $35 to $100+ per yard, including mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging, removal of limbs and debris from lawns and blowing grass clipping from around the house.

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Computer & Apps Category


*This section will provide the knowledge of how to make money easy using your computer or apps on a phone or tablet.  Don’t confuse this section with “making money online”, as there is a separate section for that.  This section has ideas to use a computer or app to help you make money now.

**There are a ton of apps out there, the ones that are listed happen to be the most popular.  Don’t feel like you are limited to just those. 

Ads on Your Phone

Get paid to use your phone just like normal, with the exception of having to swipe through ads.  Everything that interests you on your lock screen!

Below are two of the best money making apps for android.  IOS available too.

Average Pay – Earn $5/month (Slidejoy) – Varied point rewards (Fronto)

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Get paid to be a babysitter, nanny, or do child care.  These apps connect locals with trusted babysitters and nannies.

Average Pay – Around $15.00/hr. (Urbansitter) $17.00/hr. (Sittercity)

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Become a Private Investigator

Become a private investigator.  Currently Trustify is hiring experienced and licensed (where applicable) investigators and researchers.  You can work as little or as much as you want.  You set the hours and your income is only limited to the amount you want to make.

Average Pay – $30/hr. (from website)

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Become a Referrer

Do you have a big following on social media or a blog?  If so, consider becoming a referrer.  Companies are willing to give you a cut for referring customers to them.  Companies like Ebates, Groupon, and Zulily all offer a referral program.

Just imagine if you had 10 friends who joined, or 50!  That’s extra cash in your pocket. These aren’t the only companies that do referral programs, so find out when you are browsing around the web.

Average Pay – Ebates – $5 per friend / Groupon – $10 per friend / Zulily – $15 per friend

Get Started

Cook From Home

Have you heard of EatWith?  It’s the future of dining.   What they do is bring chefs and foodies together one meal at a time.  

You’ll need to apply online, and then throw a demo event.  If you are accepted, then you’ll have access to their training program.  It’s definitely an interesting idea.

Average Pay – Up to $700/event.

Get Started

Create and Sell an App

Apps are hot on the market right now.  If you are a designer and can do this yourself, props to you!  If not, but you have a great idea, find a company that will build it for you.  Once it’s made, sell it or run it and make money off ads!

Average Pay – The sky is the limit.  If it goes viral, you could make a hefty sum.

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Data Analysis

Data analysis is the use of statistics and logical techniques to describe, condense, recap, and evaluate data.  What you probably didn’t know is that you can do it as a freelancer.

Marketplaces like Upwork and People Per Hour have freelance Data Analysts ready for work.  Join them!

Average Pay – Around $27/hr. (from multiple websites)

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Do Odd Tasks for Money

“We do chores. You live life.”  That’s the slogan on Taskrabbit’s website.  Taskrabbit connects you with same-day help, no matter what it is.

Become a “Tasker”, complete the work, submit an invoice, get paid.  Handyman, cleaning, delivery, moving, etc.

Average Pay – Pay varies, depending on the jobs you make, but some are making $7,000 a month.

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Give Legal Advice

Law Trades connects attorneys with potential clients.  They handle corporate to immigration law and everything in between.  It’s hard to get accepted, but if you do, you can make a decent wage.

Average Pay – $56/hr. (details from website)

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Grocery Shop for Others

Have you seen those people at Walmart that have multiple grocery carts and seem to be shopping for 10 people?  It’s probably because they are!

Instacart will allow you to deliver groceries from local stores to customers, all within two hours.  You’ll need a phone and a car.

Average Pay – Make up to $25/hr.  Minimum wage is $10.

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Massage Therapist

Help others feel better…that’s the life of a Masseuse.  Soothe connects massage therapists with clients.  Work when you want!  They also have GPS check-in and check-out so that you can stay safe on the job.

You’ll need your own massage table, reliable transportation and certification

Average Pay – $65 /hr.  Their website also says they pay 3-4x the industry standard.

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Play Online Games

Inbox Dollars does a lot of different things…surveys, cash for email, and games.  If you are a gamer, checkout how to make money playing games online.

Average Pay – Varies, based on how much you do, but it’s easy to make some side cash.

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Product Reviews & Testing

There are a lot of survey companies online these days, but Influenster is the place to go if you want to do product reviews.  While it’s similar to survey’s, you get to tryout the newest products and gadgets.

There are other good review panels out there, but from what I’ve read, Influenster is the best.

Average Pay – Details on pay couldn’t be found.  Perhaps you don’t earn money at all, but you get to keep the products?  Look into them more to find details, if you are interested.

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Rebates from Receipts

Get cash back.  IT’s better than a coupon, Ibotta pays you real cash money whenever, wherever you shop.  Just get the app and visit to get rebates.

How it works is you unlock rebates before you go shopping, then you shop and buy the featured products at your favorite stores.  Then you verify your purchases by taking a photo of your receipt and get cash back.

Average Pay – No pay, but you get cash back on purchases!

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Rent Baby Gear to Traveling Parents

This may be one of the best money making tips out there!  You can rent out your baby stuff for traveling parents.  So, if you have a stroller just sitting in the garage, rent it out!  This is an awesome marketplace connecting parents to parents.

Average Pay – Varies, as you set the price of the rental.

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Sell Your Airplane Seat

Seateroo – the online market for airline seat swaps.  You can swap airline seats with other airline passengers for payment.

Want to sell your extra leg room anyone?

Average Pay – Varies, as you set the price of the rental.

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Share Your Backyard – Camping

This is also one of the other best money making app.  Quiet, friendly and affordable garden campsites.  You can turn your backyard/garden area into a campground.  This would be great for those of you with large yards, or extra land that isn’t being used.

Average Pay – Varies, as you set the price to charge for your own “campground”.

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Share Your Coupon

If you are a coupon user, check out CouponChief’s Pay 2 Share program that pays you to upload coupons for other users to redeem.   It is only available for US members and you need a Paypal account to get paid.

Average Pay – You get 2% of the revenue earned from purchases other users make with the coupon.  Unfortunately, they will cap you at $25 from a participating store each month.

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Share Your Money

Do you have extra money that is just laying around?  Stop putting it in bank accounts that pay you 0.01% interest.  Why not lend it out to others and earn a higher interest rate?

You invest in personal loans.  This is a great way to diversity your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds.

Average Pay – The website says the average estimated return is 6.84%…wow!

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Test New Apps, Software, & Programs

Erli Bird is the easy way to recruit real-world testers and collect user feedback at scale.  You don’t have to go out and find testers anymore, and luckily for us that want to make extra cash, we can become those testers.

Erli Bird may just be the best “make money” app out there.  Who doesn’t like to test new things out?

Average Pay – $5 – $15 per test (from their website)

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Translate Mobile Apps

Tethras takes the complexity out of app localization.  If you can speak multiple languages, you can join their network of mobile app translators.

Work when it suits you using their online translation tools.  You must have a Paypal account.

Average Pay – Pay couldn’t be found, but Translators make a decent wage.

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Turn Your Images into Money

You can turn your stock photos into cash.  Sell them on Foap for use in Social Media, web or print.

Average Pay – $5+ per image purchased (from website).  More pictures = more cash!

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Become a Netflix Tagger

This is the holiest of “watching TV to make money” systems.  The basic idea is that you sit and watch Netflix and tag what you are watching (drama, sci-fi, action), etc.  The best part is that you get paid.  The downside is that you must get employed by Netflix, so keep your eyes on their job board below.

Average Pay – Details couldn’t be found.

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Video Editor

The entertainment business is hot right now, which means video/film editors are in demand.  Now you can go work for a filming company over in Hollywood, or you could setup shop in your garage.

There are lots of potential jobs in this category, from wedding videos to small company commercials.  If you like film, and your willing to buy some equipment, you can be in business.

Average Pay – $20/hr. from Payscale, but salary information of $50,000+ can be found on the internet.

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For College Students

College category

College Category

*This section will provide some jobs that might interest some college students.  Learn how to earn money fast, right below!

Audit Local Liquor Stores

Have you ever considered drinking for a job?  Get paid to inspect liquor stores.  You’ll act as an “Auditor”, seeing if the cashier asks you for your ID.  

You need to purchase the alcohol, write up a report, and poof… you get reimbursed and paid per assignment.  You need to apply with one of the companies below, then when you get accepted, you can search for assignments.  Depending on where you live, there may be just a few or a few hundred liquor stores that need to be audited.

You must be 18-30 years of age.

Average Pay – $5 to $30 depending on the assignment

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Drive Classmates Home During Breaks

Are you going home for a school break?  Find out if anyone lives in your hometown and offer to give them a lift, for a fee.  Depending on how many students you can get involved, your gas will be free and you might make some extra cash.

If you want to take is a step further, join Uber and start transporting students back to wherever they live!

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how many students go with you, and how much you charge.

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  • Put up some fliers around campus.
  • Make sure to talk to anyone that is in your current classes!

Sell Video Game Accounts

Are you a big gamer?  If so, consider starting your video game account over and selling your current one.  There is a huge market for it.  Down below are three marketplaces for you to sell your account.  Also consider putting a notice out on gamer forums.

Also consider selling your video games when you are done with gaming.  Check out how much your game is worth at Price Charting

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how valuable your account is…but there’s definitely demand for it.

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Sell Your Study Notes

We all know someone who never went to class, but then always came asking if they could copy the notes we did.  Next time they do that, charge them for it!  You can also sell your notes online (websites below). 

Average Pay – Varies, depending on the marketplace, or how much you want to charge to that lazy student in your class.

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For Kids

Kids category

Kids Category

*Want to know how to make money as a kid?  All of these options below are for the kiddos.  The average pay and get started sections have been removed on some of these.  The biggest reason is because most of these are self-explanatory; however, they are all easy ways to make money fast that every kid can do.

Backpack Dollar Store

Have your friends ever asked you for a pen, pencil, or piece of paper?  Consider stocking up, carrying it around in your backpack and charging a quarter or whatever else you want!

If you want to go crazy, make sure you have candy and snacks too.  Go out and sell them at recess!

Your friends will be grateful for the extra supplies and you’ll be a quarter richer.

Breed Animals

Obviously, you will need the help of your parents, but if you can convince them, you can start breeding animals!  It’s fun and you can spend some more time with animals.  Make sure you find enough buyers or you will be stuck with the extra animals!

Rats, mice, cats, chickens, and dogs, the sky’s the limit.    

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Chores Around the House

Believe it or not, but your parents always have chores that need to be done.  Cleaning the lamps, the floor, doing the laundry… you get the idea.  A lot of parents will be grateful that you offered and will be willing to pay a few bucks for your help!

Trash Can Removal & Cleaning

Are there any older people in your neighborhood that might be interested in having you take the trash cans out to the street, back, and cleaning them?  I bet there might be someone that would be interested!

Just make sure to do a good job!

Collect Geodes/Rocks

Do you like rocks?  Really though, do you like them?  If so, start a collection.  If you can find a unique rock or geode, your parents or friends might be interested in buying it.  There are rocks everywhere…seriously though.  Happy hunting!

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Face Painting

If you are creative and artistic, you could do face painting for your friends.  You’ll need a face painting kit…so don’t use regular paint!  Checkout the face painting kits below.

This one is also just really fun!

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Fish Worm Selling

Every fisherman knows that live worms are the best for catching giant fish.  If you have a family member or relative or neighbor that loves to fish, tell them you’ll catch live worms for them the day they go.  Ask for $3 for a cup full of worms.  You’ll get a few who say yes!

Go Couch Diving

I know it goes without saying that couch diving can turn up some coins…but it’s going to be said anyways!

Here’s a secret, to all you kids out there… your parents lose coins, money, and other things in the couches every year.  If you can get to it before them, you can keep it!

Finders keepers, losers are weepers!

Host a Neighborhood Play

Have you ever been in a play before?  Better yet, do you have the perfect idea for how a play should be written?  Here’s the deal for this idea…  Round up your friends, create a 15-minute play, and then sell admission tickets to your parents.  If you can also sell popcorn and candy, then you’ll make more too.  

Set up a little “stage” in the backyard, put out some blankets in the grass, and chairs and have some fun.  Charge $2/ticket and $1 for the candy and popcorn!  Split the earnings between all the friends.

Hot Chocolate Stand

Hot chocolate is perhaps one of the best things in this world.  Who doesn’t like a hot steaming cup of delicious chocolate?  On a cold day, set up a table on your stream or a corner and sell away (just like a lemonade stand).

Ladybug Farming

These little yellow, orange, and scarlet insects are great for gardens.  They help to cut back on pesticides and rid flower beds and gardens of aphids and other insect pests.

There may be farmers or garden lovers near you.  Start your own ladybug farm and sell these awesome creatures to these people!  You’ll be doing them a great favor.  Charge what you feel is worth farming the Ladybugs.

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Lemonade Stand

Just like the hot chocolate stand, who doesn’t like a lemonade stand.  This is quite possibly the number 1 business as a kid.  Start making lemonade, set up a stand at your house or on a busy corner and sell away!

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Mom Assistant

Moms are busy.  Between handling you, the kids, driving them around to different activities, cooking meals, cleaning the house, or going to work…they have a to-do list as long as a golf club.   

What if you offered to help get some of those items checked off the to-do list?  Find a mom (maybe your own) in your neighborhood and offer to be her assistant.  Negotiate how much it is worth to her!

Mouse Farm

Breeding animals was talked about earlier; however, there is a specific market for mice.  There are a lot of snakes in this world and mice are their go-to meal.

Consider starting your own mouse farm and selling the mice for food to snakes (sorry if that upsets you!)  Or if you have your own snake, then you can feed it directly.

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Pan for Gold

Have you ever wanted to buy a pan and start panning for gold?  There are full-time gold panners, did you know that?

While earning a full-time income from panning isn’t probably going to happen, you could make this a hobby and see if you can “go for gold”.  You’ll need to buy a special pan, but then you can start having some fun wherever you go.  You might not be able to make much money, but it will be a lot of fun!

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Petting Zoo

Do you have a lot of animals?  If so, have a petting zoo.  Invite your neighbors and school friends.  Charge a quarter or $1 dollar for the entrance fee.  The best part of any petting zoo is getting to feed the animals, so if possible, have food available to let your customers feed the zoo animals!

Pooper Scooper

Dog poop, or other animal poop for that matter, can sometimes gross people out.  If you don’t mind getting “your hands dirty”, go pick up dog poop for people and earn some money while you do it.   Charge $10 per visit, per client.  

Want to know how to make cash fast?  Pick up poop!

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Puppet Show

Have some fun this Friday night by creating and putting on a puppet show.  Tell your parents and close friends that they can see the show for a fee (charge what you feel is worth the show).  Set up an area for you to be behind and let your hands do all the work.

Recycle Metal

You want to know how to make money for kids?  Try recycling metal.  It’s something that will never die.  Metal is worth something. Even if the value decreases in the future, it will still be worth something.  The pay will vary here, depending on what you recycle.

Check out the guide below for additional information.

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Sell Golf Balls

Do you live near a golf course?  If so, spend an afternoon and recover golf balls at the golf course.  Make sure to look in tall grass, as well as the tree and bush areas.  

Regular golfers always lose golf balls.  Find them, take them home and wash them, then sell them back to the golfers.

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Sell Homemade Items

If you have the knack for creativity, then consider putting up a “pop up shop” on a busy corner and sell your homemade items.

You could make crafts (of all sorts), baby hair bows, potato guns, bread, knitted items, cards, aprons, holiday decorations, etc.  Sell them for what you think they are worth.

Sell Lizards

Everyone loves lizards…especially since their tails grow back.  They are a great pet.  Catch them and sell them for $1 each.  They might be hard to catch, but if you are good at it, you can make a lot of money from your friends.

Sell Pine Nuts

If you and your family go camping a lot, then the next time you go, take a bucket with you to collect pine nuts.  You’ll need to brush up on what pine nuts are and how to find them, so check out the guide below.

Sell them by the bag!  $8 each.

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Set Up an Outdoor Movie

Everyone loves a good movie, especially when it’s outside.  Ask your dad, or someone tall to help you set up a movie screen (a white sheet).  Put a projector and movie player outside and put up some seats.

Let your school friends and neighbors know about the movie.  Sell popcorn, drinks, and candy for $1 each.  Movie tickets for $1.  What movie, you might ask?  Whichever one floats your boat.

Shoe Shine

Every man loves shiny dress shoes.  From your brother, to your dad, and grandpa.  They all love it.  What’s even better, is if they got shined by themselves!

It’s your job to make that happen.  You’ll need a shoe shine kit (google it and you’ll find tons of them out there).  Make sure you tell your customer ahead of time before you do it.  

*This is one that will take some time/practice.  Charge less at the beginning (or even free).  Once you get better, you can charge more.

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Snow Cone Stand

Just like a lemonade and hot chocolate stand, everyone loves snow cones in the summer.  You’ll need to somehow make “snow” (shaved ice)…talk to your parents.  Once you have that, then you’ll need the flavoring.  The guide below is a bit more about starting a legit income from a snow cone stand, but it might be useful for kids as well.

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 Teeth for Cash (The Tooth Fairy is Real)

OK…let’s be real…the Tooth Fairy is real.  Don’t let other kids at school tell you otherwise.  Once you have a tooth, shout for joy, celebrate it by showing your parents, then make sure you put it under your pillow!  You’ll see…

Video Rental

There is always someone in your neighborhood that always has the latest and greatest movies.  If that neighbor is you, consider turning that collection into a video rental.  You can charge $1 per day for the rental.  


If your parents love their lawn or garden, then you have a perfect job…weeding!  It may not be the most fun job in the whole world, but you can earn some money doing it, as long as your parents haven’t made it into a chore first.

On a Saturday morning, ask your mom/dad if they will pay you to weed for 1 hour, or a certain amount of weeds.  Negotiate the price.  You’ll be surprised at how much they will be appreciative of the extra hands doing work.

For Teens

Teen Category

Teen Category

*If you want to know how to make money as a teen, you’re in the right place.  To make money as a teen, you need to be able to work hard, and be willing to accept a lower wage.  

**The Get Started section has been removed for most of these, as they are all intuitive and easy to get started.  

***Also, the Average Pay section has been removed because these require negotiation and/or you to set your own price (what is it worth to you?)


Start babysitting for neighbors and family.  Teenage babysitters will get paid $5+ an hour.  Make sure you are on time, you help keep the kids safe, and you clean up the house before the parents get back home.

Bake Sale

If you like to bake or cook, go ahead and bake your favorite goodies and then sell them to your neighbors and family.  Everyone loves fresh baked bread, pastries, and other items.  You’ll only make a few dollars per item, but that’s OK!  You are turning your hobbies into money making hobbies and that’s great!

Be a Golf Caddie

Ever seen the movie – The Greatest Game Ever Played, with Shia LaBeouf?  A boy who is a caddie eventually plays on the biggest scene of golf.  If you like golf, this is the job for you.

Go to your local golf club and offer to be a caddie.  Many golf clubs don’t allow caddies anymore, but some do.  You’ll make minimum wage + tips.

Boat Cleaning

Everyone likes a clean boat. Offer this service to neighbors and friends.  Go for $10-$20 per cleaning, or more if they ask you to do extra detail work.

One word of caution…people are particular about their boats.  Make sure that you can clean it well, without damaging anything.  Use cleaning solutions that are appropriate with the fabrics in the boat.

Book Repairs

Repair books for others, and especially for your teachers.  Teachers have a lot of books in their classroom and not enough time to repair them.  Offer to clean $1/book.   

You’ll need to get a book repair kit from amazon, like the one below…

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Build Sandboxes

If you have some building skill, turn some wood into a sandbox.  Then sell them.  This would be for kids to play in, or you could even make smaller ones for cat owners (kitty-litter box).  Sell for materials + $10-$20, whatever you feel is fair.  

Word to the wise…get an order before you buy the materials so that you don’t have materials to put somewhere at your house.

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Camper Cleaning

This one is similar to boat cleaning.  Just make sure that you are careful, as people tend to be particular with their toys.  Go for $10-$20 per cleaning, or more if they ask you to do extra detail work.

Car Washing

There will always be cars to wash and make shiny again.  Consider doing the outside and inside of the car, in addition to doing extra detail work.  Charge $10-$20 per cleaning, or more if they ask you to do extra detail work (like waxing).

You’ll need to get some car cleaning supplies.

Christmas Tree Disposal

At Christmas time, you can offer this service to your neighbors.  Go in, and remove all the decorations, put those decorations in boxes to be placed in storage, then remove the actual Christmas Tree.

Before you leave, make sure you vacuum the room (no one likes the extra pine needles laying around) and put the room back to how they had it.  

Go for $100 to do the entire job, or less if they would rather have you just remove the tree (with no decoration take-down).

Clean Carpets

Everyone likes clean carpets.  You’ll need a machine to do the cleaning, along with some sort of natural detergent (look at your local store).  There are a lot of companies that change less than $100 per room, so stay lower than that.

It would be recommended to buy the cleaning machine (don’t rent it) and work off that debt.  Talk to neighbors, friends, and family.

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Clean Gutters

To do this one, you’ll have to have the courage to get up on ladders.  If you are good with that, then get up, clean out whatever is in the gutters, and throw it away…take the trash bag up with you.  Charge $5 per gutter cleaned.

Computer Maintenance and Repair

Are you a computer geek?  Or just good with computers?  This one is for you.  A lot of teenagers are tech-savvy and putting that skill to use can earn you some $$.

Offer your services around the neighborhood.  You can help get rid of spam and malware, install programs, or actually fix the computer if you’re good enough.  Charge $10/hour.

Digitize Pictures

Everything is going digital these days, and pictures are the same.  You’ll need a scanner and a computer to work with.  Charge $.10-$.20 per photo digitized.

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Door Advertising

A lot of local business need help advertising.  This is where you come in.  Put out your own advertising flyer that says you’ll do door to door advertising.  When they contact you, tell them you’ll charge $10/hour to put up their advertising fliers in neighborhoods around the area.  It’s as simple as that!

Fix & Repair Electronics

This one is similar to computer maintenance and repairs, except that it is a bit broader.  There are quite a few electronic repair companies who started in their garage.  Put up a flyer on craigslist offering the service, or even put up a website.

This option is good for tech-savvy teens who are good with all technology, not just computers.

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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is a great job.  You show up, you clean the furniture, and you get paid.  You’ll need a machine that cleans upholstery, along with natural detergents.  You may just need hot water.

Charge $5 per piece of furniture.

Game Day & Holiday Yard Flags

There are a lot of scouting groups that come around and set up the American flag for holidays, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it in your neighborhood too.  Offer to put up the American Flag on the big American holidays (New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day).

If you want to expand this… offer to put up their favorite sports team on the days that their teams play.  Charge $25-$35/Year.

Hang Up Pictures

When your parents, or a neighbor, are doing some rearranging, feel free to offer to hang up the pictures for them.  Charge $1 per picture.  Get a hammer, small nails, and go to town.

Help Elderly Setup Electronics

This one is similar to teaching them about electronics, but sometimes they just need help setting them up.  Charge $10-$20 per setup.  If you are good at getting electronics ready to go, then this job is for you.  You’ll also want to be extra careful and patient with the elderly!

Host a Dance

Here is one idea that is a bit wacky.  Find a location that you can throw a dance… could be indoor or outside.  Set everything up, from the catering to the DJ.  Then go and advertise it to the whole school (who says you can only go to school dances which in school).  Charge as much as you need to cover your expenses + $100-$200 in your pocket at the end of the night.

Kid Club Babysitting

Why babysit for one family when you can do it for a few families.  Turn Friday night into Kid Club night.  Babysit a few different kids and have a club.  Treat it like babysitting, except that you get paid by a few different families!

Make Digital Scrapbook for Others

Did you know that you can create a scrapbook online?  Turn digital photos into scrapbooks with Shutterfly.  Offer to busy families or the elderly to create a scrapbook for them.  Charge the fees at Shutterfly + an amount for your time, whatever you think is fair.

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Metal Detecting

Metal detecting has been around for a long time.  If you live in an area with a lot of land or sand, this might be a fun job for you.  You’ll need to buy a metal detector (google it) and then you can go to town.  You might wind up getting some awesome “treasures”.

Oil Changing

Offer to change oil to your neighbors and family members.  Charge the cost of the oil and filter + a few bucks for you.  You’ll need jacks or stands or some way to get the car up high enough for you to get below it.

This is a great job for those of you who like cars, but don’t have the time to go work at a car service location.  Just a few cars on the weekends will give you some quick cash.

Paint Fences

After a few years in the sun, fences need to be re-painted, which means that you have an asset in your backyard or a neighbors!  Offer to paint each year or every other year.  Build up a clientele and you can have a good income stream over the summers.  Charge materials + $100-$200 per job.

Parade & Event Sales Table

Have you ever gone to a parade or event and someone was selling water or treats?  Those people are making money doing that.  Buy water, Powerade, and candy in bulk and resell them at these events.  Make sure that the person running the event is OK with that first.

Peephole Installer

Are you a creeper?  Just kidding… being a peephole installer can be fun!  You’ll need some tools to get through the door and to install it correctly, but you can make $20-$25 per installation + the materials.

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Pet Groomer

Pets want to look good too right?  Probably not, but their owners want them to.  You’ll need a large bucket or bin to put water in, along with pet soaps.  Make sure you can help them look good!

Becoming a Pet Groomer is something that you can do full-time and make $30-$50 per pet, but this is also something you could offer to do for your neighbors too.  Consider offering teeth cleaning, flea treatments, and nail clippings for an extra fee.

Power Wash ____

The last part is blank because there are a lot of things you could help clean with power washing.  You can power wash a house, a fence, or the cement, etc.  You’ll need to own a power washer, or rent one and have a hookup to water.  Negotiate the price, and be careful not to damage anything.

Referee for Sports Leagues

If you like sports, consider being a referee for a sports league.  They are always looking for referee’s that known the rules and can keep order.  A lot of those leagues will put you through a class to learn all the rules, if you are interested.  

Check out your local area to get more information.  Referees can make $25-$50 per event, which most are just a few hours.  It’s good money and on the side.  You may need to be a  certain age for this one, so apply when you are 16 or older.


Are you sick of being a friend and not getting paid for it?  Just kidding…that would just be a bad friend!  

But really, there are lots of older or handicap people that need friends too.  You can offer to go spent time and play games for a most wage.  Negotiate it with the family.

Sell Chopped Firewood

Do you have access to land with wood?  If so, cut it up and sell it to others as firewood.  Also, consider selling it to local stores that sell firewood to their customers.  Charge $1-$3 per bundle.

Set Up a Spook Alley

This is a seasonal thing, but at Halloween, you can set up a spook alley and then invite your school.  Charge $2-$5 bucks for the entrance fee.  You’ll need some help to do it, but if you can do it right…you’ll have customers come back every single year.

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Set Up a Tournament

Do you have a large backyard or perhaps your parents own a vacant lot somewhere?  If so, consider setting up tournaments and charging an admission fee to set up the whole thing.  Air-soft, larp battles (hunger games), laser tag, or paintball tournaments can be a lot of fun.

Do some research before you set it up and then announce to your neighborhood and school friends.  Charge $5/person for the admission fee.  Then make sure you play and try to win!

Sitting for Errands

A lot of moms have their hands full.  It’s hard for them to go to the store, unbuckle everyone, then go into the store and do the actual errand.  Try offering to moms with their hands full that you can sit in the car with the kids while she runs in and completes her errand list.  Negotiate the price with the mom.

Start a Band or Quartet

Bands and quartets have a lot of potential options to make money.  Weddings, local events, or concerts can produce income for your hobby.  Grab a few friends, put something together and then get your name out there.  A lot of weddings and school events will charge a few hundred dollars for the music!

Swing Set Installation

Are you good with putting things together?  If so, consider offering your swing set up services on craigslist or in your neighborhood.  Expect to have a lot of people interested around Christmas time.  Charge $20 per setup.

Tile Grout Cleaning

After a little while (or the baby spitting up in the kitchen), tile can get pretty gross.  Offer to clean it up!  You’ll need a cleaner and some way to scrub.  If you can get the grout to look good again, you might just have a customer for life!  Charge $10-$20 per room.

Tree & Bush Trimming

This is something you can do during the summer months while you are out of school.  Trim the trees and bushes for your neighbors and friends.  Negotiate the price with the homeowner.

Video Game Rental

Do you have a lot of video games? If so, consider putting a rental service together with your school and neighborhood buddies.  Don’t let them borrow it for a fee…at least charge them a few bucks!  Over time that $1-$3 rental will turn into a hundred bucks!

Windshield Crack Repair

This is one just like the oil service.  If you don’t have time to do this for a company, but you can learn the skill, do it on the weekend, or on a need-basis with friends and family.  Charge a few bucks per car, along with your materials.


Health category

Health Category

*These are options to make money using your body.  Some are a bit strange, but you can make money nonetheless!

Lay in Bed for 70 Days Straight

If you are OK with staying in bed for 70 days straight, then this option is for you! NASA is looking for participants to help them study the effects of micro-gravity on the human body.  This isn’t for the faint of heart…and they don’t take just anyone!

Average Pay – $18,000!

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Donate Breast Milk

Only the Breast is an online marketplace for you to buy and sell breast milk.  Checkout more details on their website.  It’s a marketplace, so you will need to review how much breast milk is being sold and in what quantities

Average Pay – In general, you could make up to $60/day

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Donate Eggs

You can donate your eggs for others to use/have babies/science.  Check out the FAQ’s at the Center for Human Reproduction.  Also, consider checking for local places that buy eggs as well.

Average Pay – $8,000 for a completed egg donation cycle (up to $14,000)

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Donate Plasma

Another bodily item that you can donate is your blood plasma.  Plasma is the straw colored liquid component of blood that makes up 55% of the body’s total blood volume.  

The first donation takes longer than the rest, as you must go through a health screening.  
Regulations only allow 2 plasma donations every 7 days.  

Average Pay – Around $60/week for 2 donations

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Donate Sperm

Just like donating eggs, sperm can also be donated.  The payout is incredibly smaller, but it is also a lot easier to get.  Check out the FAQ’s below and the sperm bank directory to find a location near you!

Average Pay – $35-$50 per specimen

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Keep Up on Your Health

Healthywage makes weight loss fun!  Or at least that’s what their website says!  You signup, join a team, and lost weight to have a chance to win!  It’s that easy.  Join down blow.

Average Pay – $0 – $10,000

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Participate in Local/National Medical Studies

There are a ton of local and national medical studies going on at any given time, and you might be able to qualify for them.  They will pay for travel and time and can sometimes hit the 4-figure mark.  

Average Pay – $0 – several thousand

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Sell Poop

Yes, you read that right!  You can sell your poop if you live in the vicinity of Cambridge or Somerville, Massachusetts.

Open Biome takes stool samples and uses it to help those who contract C. Difficile infection.  30,000 people die from C. Diff-related causes each year.  The treatment (created from stool samples) have cured patients 80-90% of the time after the first try.  

So you’re helping the greater good here!

Average Pay – $40/stool + $50 extra if you come in five days a week! $12,000 a year is possible with this!

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Homestead Category

Homestead Category

*Here are some options to make money today if you have a homestead, farm, or just some extra land that you aren’t using.

Grow and Sell Fruit

Turn your fruit into some cash.  Berries, fresh orchard fruit, grapes, etc.  Fruit is a hot commodity at local farmer’s markets.  Grow it…gather it…sell it…get paid.

You can also set up a small table at a street corner if you want.

Average Pay – Varies; check your local farmer’s market for competitive pricing.

Sell Stuff From Animals

We have all purchased a product or two from animals, and those products come in many different shapes and sizes.  Manure (for gardening or grass care), fresh eggs, rabbit pelts, stud services, wool from sheep, fertile hatching eggs, and the animals themselves as meat.

Name a price and sell it!

Average Pay – Varies, depending on what you are selling.

Sell Stuff from the Ground

Do you have a green thumb?  Consider growing a garden and selling your products at local farmer’s markets or to local businesses.  

You can also grow/sell seedlings & plant markers, flowers (for the holidays and local florists), herbs, Christmas trees, and pumpkins to name a few.

Average Pay – Will vary

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Stock Your Pond with Fish

If you like fish, consider opening a fish farm.  You can start your own home based fishing farm business if you have some land and a big enough pond.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found.

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Sell Honey Products from Bees

There are tons of bee honey products on the markets today.  Bee pollen, bee wax, honey, bee bread, honey sticks, and candles just to name a few.

You’ll need some equipment and some serious nerve (they do have stingers…).  Check out the resources below to get started.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on what you sell and the quality of the honey, but one-pound jars can range from $6 – $20 on the markets.

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Sell Stock Photos of the Homestead

If your homestead is super pretty, consider taking photos and selling those photos on Foap or other websites that sell photos.

Average Pay – Foap will give you $5 for each time your photo is purchased.

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Start a Small-Scale Nursery

If you have some extra land, you can grow plants for retail or wholesale to earn extra money on the side.  You don’t have to have a ton of land, but you’ll need to optimize what you have and use it efficiently.  

Make sure you read up on techniques to grow plants the right way.  Below are a few places for you to start.

Average Pay – Will vary depending on what you sell, but you can earn a few thousand each year with this!

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Start a Cricket Farm

This one might be a bit wacky, but it’s legit.  Crickets are becoming an increasingly larger percentage of protein around the world.

This is something that you can start in your closet!  Females can lay 5 to 10 eggs A DAY…so your population can grow fast!  You can sell your crickets to local pet stores or bait shops.  Also, consider companies that sell cricket protein.

Average Pay – You can earn $12 for every 250.  That might not seem like a lot, but a box that is one foot square can hold 1,000 crickets

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Start a Youtube Channel on Homesteading

If you know yourself around the homestead and want to give some advice to the newbies, consider starting a Youtube channel!  

You’ll feel good giving advice and you can get paid for it too.

Average Pay – Will vary, depending on how big your channel gets.

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Teach a Local Class on Homesteading Know-How

Similar to the Youtube channel, you can also post a flier around town that you will be holding a local class on homesteading.

This is a great way to attract potential buyers to your homestead products.

Average Pay – Start free to get your name out there (and if you have products that you sell on your homestead).  Over time, you can increase the price of your class.


Miscellaneous Category

Miscellaneous Category

*Some of these options are quick money making ideas, while others may take a bit more work.  These are some of the weird, random, and wacky job ideas that were found.

Be an Extra

There are a lot of opportunities to become an “extra”, in television shows or local productions.  There will always be a need for extra people to help backstage or for a film.  Finding these opportunities will be the biggest hurdle, unless you happen to live in Hollywood.

Reach out to your cities performing arts group and see if they have any resources.  Look on Craigslist or Google and find out if there will be any movie films being shot near you.  You’ll have to go out of the way to find these opportunities, but they may make you a few hundred bucks for some easy labor.

Be Someone’s Buddy

Have you ever heard of Rent-a-Friend?  You can find friends to attend a social event, wedding, or party with you.  Hire someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to a movie or a restaurant with.  

You can also hire someone to show you around a new town, teach you a new skill/hobby, or just someone from companionship.

You can be that buddy and get paid for it.  You’ll need to fill out an application, get approved, and then you start.  You can negotiate the time, price, and activity.

Average Pay – Varies.  Rent-a-Friend claim to have some buddy’s earning $2,000 per week, but the average earning $300-$500 on the weekends.

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Become a Notary Public

Some Notary Publics get certified as part of their job duties.  If you have an opportunity to do so, and increase your pay, you should definitely do it.  But you could also get certified on your own and sell your services on a website, social media, or locally.  

Online courses tend to be somewhere between $100-$200.  You will likely also need a surety bond (to cover liabilities), but check with your state.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on if you do work by hour or by piece, but typically around $13.13/hr.

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Braid Horse Manes

This is a weird and wacky option.  If you love horses and you are good with braiding, consider starting your own horse mane braiding business.

Show horse owners like to have their horses looking spot on for their competitions.  If you can get your name out there, and get good at it, you can make quick money.

Average Pay – ?? Set up your own price.  What is it worth to you?

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Build Dog Houses & Sell Them

This is something that can be converted to anything, really.  If you have a knack for building, then build dog houses (or something similar) and sell them.

Make sure you charge enough for your materials and time.  If you build it, they will come 🙂

Average Pay – $50-$1,000 depending on how luxurious you make it.

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Coach Sports Teams

Do you have a way with words?  Or kids?  Do you know the ins-and-outs of sports?  If so, this may be a great option for you.  

There are sports teams that have their own leagues, as well as in the school system.  All of them need charismatic, energetic, knowledgeable, and motivational coaches.  Typically, you get paid by the season.  You’ll need to set up practices, the roster, and work on drills and participate with games.

Average Pay – Varies, but somewhere between $500 – $5,000+ depending on the sport and league.

Delivery Driver

Have you heard of DoorDash?  You can get your favorite restaurant meal delivered for lunch and dinner right to your doorstep with one easy click.  This is good news because you can become a “dasher” and get paid to deliver.  You need to apply, pick up the basics, and then turn on the app and accept some orders.

Not every city has this yet, but check their website to see if you can participate.

Average Pay – Their website advertises that you can make up to $1,300 per week on your own schedule.

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Drive Safe, Lower Insurance

This one doesn’t truly involve making money, but saving.  Although if you can save a few bucks, it is really money earned.  A lot of insurance companies give big insurance breaks to those who have proven that they are good, safe drivers.

So, take off the lead foot and drive a bit safer from now on.

Average Pay – Varies, but expect driving rates to decrease $50 – $300 or so depending on how long you’ve been driving “safe”.  That rate will keep decreasing each renewal.

Earn Royalties

If you are a musician, actor, or author, you could be earning royalties on your work.  If you aren’t any of those, then consider becoming one!  You can create something and get it published and start earning royalties, or you could also purchase royalties from Royalty Exchange.

Royalty Exchange is an online auction marketplace that lets you buy and sell royalties.  This allows for an alternative investment opportunity.  It’s something to look into.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on the royalty.

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Electronic Parts Acquirer

This is an odd duck job, but for those who are brave enough, you can make some significant extra cash.  

Here’s what you need to do.  Get on Google and find some local electronic parts stores.  Go behind their store after hours and do some dumpster diving.  

You’ll be surprised at what you will find.  These large companies tend to throw stuff out from time to time that actually has value still.  

Sell those items on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist.  You may need to clean it up first, though.

Average Pay – Will vary based on your find.  Happy hunting…

Flip Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores can lead to some surprise finds, that were donated by someone who didn’t realize that it had value.  Buy those items for a few bucks and sell them on Craigslist, Ebay, or Amazon.

Don’t be just set on thrift stores, however, as flea markets and garage sales can lend great finds too.  

You’ll need to take a phone with you to the store so that you can check the value of the items using these apps: Ebay, Amazon, Flow, Book Scouter, and Profit Bandit to start.

Average Pay – Will vary.

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House Sitting

With Trusted House sitters, you can become a pet and home sitter.  You’ll need to apply, be good with pets, become a verified sitter, and complete your profile.

This isn’t a website where you can earn money; however, while you travel, you can be a house sitter in whatever location you decide to travel to and get free accommodations.  It’s a very interesting idea, so check out their website for additional details.

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Movie Conversion

Everything is going digital and high-tech.  That’s good news for those of you who have enough IT-know how to help those who don’t.

You’ll need some equipment that will help you convert whatever you are converting.  You can convert VHS to higher quality like a DVD’s, or convert DVD’s and Blu-Rays to a digital format to be played on a computer or network.

Average Pay – Depends on what you want to do, but try to aim for $1 per DVD or VHS or Blu-Ray.  

Open Extra Bank Accounts

There are a lot of banks that will pay you to open a new account with them.  Those banks won’t be listed here, but if you Google “cash back + bank account”, it will will lead you to some awesome resources on where you can open bank accounts to get the extra cash.

Average Pay – $50 – $250+ depending on the account.

Open New Credit Cards

Very similar to bank accounts, there are a ton of credit card companies that have “intro” offers, and cash-back on purchases.  If you can take advantage of that intro offer, you’ll get the equivalent of free cash, in addition to the ongoing cash-back on everyday purchases.

To find these credit cards, search “best credit card offers ______(the year)”.

Part Time Jobs – General

This has been included because part time jobs can be found in pretty much any city and country.  Delivering pizzas, paper delivery, shipping, etc.  Look online and specifically on Craigslist, Monster and other job websites.

Average Pay – Depends on what job you get.  $8 – ??

Patent Something

Do you have an invention, or something that you can invent?  If so, you’ll want to get it patented.  Depending on what you invent, you could make millions.  So, keep it a secret until you are ready to announce it, but get a patent first.

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Recover Unclaimed Property

What is unclaimed property?  It is your missing money!  You can search most unclaimed property websites at once using NAUPA’s database.  You may or may not have unclaimed property that you can claim, but if you do, then awesome!  Get it claimed and paid out to you.

Use the resource below to look by state.

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Re-purpose furniture

This is for you DIYer’s out there.  Find some furniture, make it look nicer and sell it!  You can combine this one with the Flipping Thrift Store Finds option above.  Regardless, you’ll need to find some furniture and break it down to its “roots”, then re-purpose it with newer fabrics, pads, etc.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how much it’s worth.

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Sell Unused Gift Cards

Have you ever had a gift card, used it, and found out that you had just a few dollars left on it?  Did you actually go back and use those few bucks, or is it sitting in your sock drawer?

If you have unused gift cards, you can now sell them on gift card exchange sites like Card Pool and Card Cash.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on how many gift cards you have sitting in your sock drawer!

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Serve as a Mock Juror

Do you like studying, watching, or participating in a law forum?  If so, this job is right up your alley.  You can serve as a mock juror and get paid for it.  

The website says that it is a “random” draw.

Average Pay – $100 per day (website below).

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Substitute Teaching

Ever considered teaching?  If you like teaching kids, you should consider doing some substitute teaching on the side, especially if you are in control of your own schedule.

You need a Bachelor’s Degree (in any area) and then you’ll need to take some basic skills tests.  

Check your local requirements and apply today!

Average Pay – They make anywhere from $12 – $19/hr.

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Test Drive Cars for Money

Bestmark has been providing over 30 years of innovative and reliable mystery shopping.  You can become a mystery shopper and do just about anything, but make sure you try test driving cars!

You’ll need to apply and get accepted.  You’ll get paid for every completed assignment.  

Average Pay – $7 – $20 for those starting out (higher if you have experience).

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Get Rewards By Using Credit Cards

Every credit card today has a rewards program.  It’s lucrative for them (because it attracts you to use your card), but if used correctly, can also give you cash and cash equivalent items into your pocket.

Be careful with getting into debt.  This is best used for regular payments and budgeting items.

Average Pay – Varies, depending on the program you are in and how frequently you use your credit card.

Work Different Events

There are tons of events out there (celebrity, shows, concerts, etc.) that need help organizing and running that event.  Whether it’s being a greeter or a body-guard, you can earn some extra money working nights and weekends.

Look for these opportunities on online job boards and craigslist, or talk to a worker directly the next time you are at one of these events.

Average Pay – Will Vary.


Seasonal Category

Seasonal Category

*This list is for seasonal ways to earn money.

Haunted House – Scare Business

Do you like scaring others?  Or like dressing up in costumes?  If so, then consider putting together a haunted house or scare event.

You’ll need a building to rent out, along with a lot of costumes.  This is a seasonal job, but you can’t make a lot of income in a relatively short amount of time.

Average Pay $400 Million is spent on haunted houses each year.  How much of that do you want to have?

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Holiday Party Catering

It seems like it has become standard protocol for businesses to have a holiday party with their employees and/or families.  Tap into this demand by catering those parties.  Better yet, own the location that they can rent out.

Season – Potentially all year long (for different parties), but mainly November – December.

Average Pay – $300+ a catering job

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Christmas Light Business

If you don’t mind being on ladders, you can make some good money with this job.  Pass out flyers and get some clients.  Offer to go through their lights and find out which ones are broken and need to be replaced.  Hang the lights, and then take them down after the holidays.

Season – Christmas/New Year

Average Pay – Will vary, depending on the size of the house.  $150 – $500+ per house.

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Clean Up After Blizzards

If you don’t mind being out in the cold, consider a blizzard cleanup business.  Blizzards can do a lot of harm on houses, yards, trees, etc.  Come in by yourself or a crew and tackle the cleanup.

Offer to chop and haul away downed trees and shrubs, clear debris, and repair damages.

Season – Winter

Average Pay – Varies, depending on what you offer.

Christmas Decorating Business

If you have an eye for decorating a home, consider doing Christmas decorations.  This is an option for seasonal businesses that operate in spring, summer, and fall.  

Offer to come in and put everything up, as well as store it after Christmas is over.

Season – October – January

Average Pay – Varies, depending on what you offer.

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Delivery Jobs

The Christmas season doesn’t just provide long hours for Santa, but all of the delivery companies too.  Fedex, UPS, and DHL to name a few all hire delivery and other help from October – January.  Apply on their websites.

Season – October – January

Average Pay – $11+

Drive an Ice Cream Truck

Everyone loved ice cream, especially on hot summer days.  Dry heat or humidity do both to stir up the demand for a cold treat.  Park a truck at a business corner, or at a local park.  

Look on craigslist to find ice cream trucks to drive.  You can also work for someone else doing this if you’d like.

Season – Summer

Average Pay – $23,000-$29,000/ year

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Free Stuff on Your Birthday

A penny saved is a penny earned.  This is the case here too.  Google “free stuff on your birthday” + _____ (city in which you live).  

All sorts of businesses offer free stuff on your birthday.

Season – Whenever your special day is!

Grow Roses (Or Other Flowers) & Sell Them

Flowers in general are a hot item from Christmas through April.  Grow them at home and offer to sell them to local individuals.  If you want to go big, open up a florist shop!

Season – Christmas – April (Depending on location)

Average Pay – Average price for a dozen rose = $20 – $60

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You can make some decent summer money being a lifeguard.  You’ll need to get certified. The American Red Cross is the most recognized organization for lifeguard training, but check for local classes.  Expect for pay $125-$300 for training and 25-40 hours.

Season – Summer

Average Pay – $8 – $15 depending on where you live (AZ, CA, FL earn the most).

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Mall Retail – General

In general, you can expect to find shops pop up from September – January for Christmas sales.  This means you can earn some extra time and money working for these mall retailers.  

Just stop in at your local mall and get some applications.

Season – September – January

Average Pay – Minimum Wage +

Pet Sitting For Holidays

People head out of town for the holidays…every year.  If you have family locally and never leave, consider pet sitting for those who leave town.  

Make sure you actually like pets before taking on a job!

Season – November – January

Average Pay – Varies.

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Pool Cleaning

There is a huge demand for pool cleaners in the southern half of the U.S.  There is a lot of competition though.  Pool cleaners need to be prompt, service the pool, take out the trash, and keep the water looking crystal clear!

Want to go big?  Don’t work for someone…start your own pool cleaning business.  Make sure you get a pool/spa certified operation certification (see program below)

Season – Summer

Average Pay – Varies, but lots of money to be had here!

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Rent Out Snow Equipment

If you live somewhere it’s cold, put up shop during the winter months.  Lots of people don’t like to buy snow equipment, but they wouldn’t mind renting it out.  

Toys like snowmobiles, snowboards, and skis can bring a premium!  Also, consider having snow blowers, sleds, or other winter clothing.

Season – Winter Months

Average Pay – Will Vary

Run Errands for the Homebound

During the entire year, but especially during the winter months, consider running errands for the homebound.  Put up fliers in senior communities or around the neighborhood.  

Be willing to go out in the cold, and also be willing to do just about anything.  Grow your clientele and do it after work!  The best part of this job is that you are helping out those who can’t help themselves at all.  Get paid, but also get the “warm-and-fuzzies”!!

Season – All year, but especially during winter months

Average Pay – $10-$20 per task.

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Seasonal Phone/Chat Rep

A lot of companies hire seasonal phone and chat reps.  HSN, Williams-Sonomoa, Groupon, are just a few.  Google – Phone/Chat Rep + Seasonal – and see what it comes up with.

Don’t expect to make more than $10/hour, but it’s some good extra cash to buy some nice presents this year.

Season – September – January

Sell Bottled Water & Snacks

Go set up a table at local outdoor events and sell bottled water and snacks.  Sporting events, city events, and more.  This one is especially good for hot locations.

Make sure you get permission before you set up a spot.

Season – Spring – Fall

Average Pay – $100 per day?? It’s possible, but depends on how much you sell.

Snow Accessory Business

Just like the snow equipment rental business, you can tap into an additional niche with the snow accessory business.  Shovels, snow brushes, ice scrapers, etc.  One option is to buy in bulk and then sell them to others around you, if you don’t want to do an actual shop.

Want to go big?  Join this idea with the snow equipment rental shop!

Season – Winter

Average Pay – Will vary.

Snow Removal Business

And with snow, comes the opportunity to remove it.  It’s a large business in cold areas.  You’ll want to consider buying a truck, melt sprayer, as well as shovels and the like.  Reach out to companies and residential areas in August – September.

The one downside to this option is that it is very dependent on it actually snowing!!

Season – October – April (or longer)

Average PaySee Snow Removal Costs & Prices

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Spring Cleaning Business

Are you good with cleaning and organizing?  Everyone likes the idea of spring cleaning, but no one likes to do it.  Help them get their clean house without having to do it themselves.

Reach out to neighbors, family, friends, and your local job board.

Season – February – May

Average Pay – Will vary, depending on what you are willing to do.  Try to aim for $200-$500 per job.

Take Holiday Orders by Phone

If you would like to work from home, and you don’t mind taking orders on the phone, then consider working for 1-800-flowers!

They hire during the holidays, will train you, and help you get up and running answering the phone and taking orders.

Season – September – February

Average Pay – Information couldn’t be found…

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Tax Preparation

If you are good with numbers, or are already an accountant, you can earn some extra money by filing taxes.

If you don’t want to work under a CPA at a tax prep company (like Jackson Hewitt/HR Block), you can become an Enrolled Agent for the IRS and prepare taxes yourself.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do, get some information on the IRS website below.  Also, there are two seasons with this job, as some file extensions by April 15th and then have their tax filing due on October 15th.

Season – January – April & August – October

Average Pay – $12 – $15/ hour working for someone; $100/hour or more for self-employed + experienced.

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Toy Assembly

Tinkering with toys can be awesome, especially for guys it seems.  Toy companies like Toy’s R Us will hire employees to help assemble toys leading up to Christmas.

Season – September – December

Average Pay – Minimum Wage – $12/hour

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  • Check out Toy Company’s’ Websites in September

Winter Transportation

Turn your snowmobile or four-wheel drive vehicle into money through transportation services.  Offer to drive/transport people and things during snowstorms.

While it might be a bit odd, a lot of people just don’t like driving in the snow and you can tap into that market!

Season – Winter (specifically when a snowstorm comes on)

Average Pay – Will vary, but basically taxi/uber wages

Christmas Wrapping Business

If you are good with your hands and wrapping gifts, then you can start a Christmas wrapping business!

Season – October – December

Average Pay – Varies, based on size; but can go from $5+ per package

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Sell Your Creations

Sell Your Creativity

Sell Your Creativity Category

*Here are a few options for you to sell your creative ideas, thoughts, and self.

Sell Your Craft Ideas

If you are wondering what to sell on Etsy to make money, the answer is…well, just about anything!  Etsy is by far the biggest marketplace to sell craft type items.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: aprons, baby hair bows, bag & purses, bow, tie or earring holders, car seat canopy, card making, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree skirts, decorative pillows, hand-made towels, holiday decorations, homemade candles, homemade soaps, jewelry, clothing items, wallets, etc.

Average Pay – Will vary, but some on Etsy are making thousands each month…

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Movie & Commercial Casting

If you are an actor at heart, then consider doing movies and commercial casting.  Disney and other producing companies will pay you to come, participate, and go home (and then maybe call you again??).

Google “Movie & Commercial Casting + _______(city) to find possible opportunities.

Average Pay – Will Vary

Personal Chef

Are you good with cooking food?  A natural in the kitchen?  If you enjoy it, but don’t want to go work for a restaurant, then consider becoming a personal chef for your neighbor and friends.

Even though we all like to eat out, we know having a homemade meal is better for our health.  Why not get a homemade meal but on the go too?  

That idea can create a new market for you.  You’ll buy food in bulk, cook it in bulk, and then sell it to others for home cooked meals.

Average Pay – Aim for $20-$30/meal for a family of 4-5 (varies on where you live and the type of meal you cook).

Refinish Household Items

Are you good in a workshop, with painting and sanding, etc.?  If so, why not refinish household items for others (and charge a fee) or flip items from craigslist or Goodwill!

Ask others or put a notice out on Facebook that you’ll refinish items for others and see if people will bite.

Average Pay – Will vary depending on the job.

Sell Your Art

If you are an artist, it’s never been a better time to get the word out and sell your products.  Create the art and then price it to sell.  You can sell your work on online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Artfire, and Artsy.

Average Pay – Will vary, but your earnings are unlimited here if your art is that good.

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Write a Book & Self-Publish

Writing a book takes a lot of time and hard work…and if you spend all that time you should get paid for your work, right?  If you have a knack for words and you like to put it out on paper, then this is definitely the side-gig for you!

Average Pay – ??? – The sky’s the limit.  

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Sell Your Stuff

Sell Your Stuff Category

Sell Your Stuff Category

*OK…there are some interesting, wacky, and weird things that you can sell in this section.  Here’s some awesome ways to make cash by selling stuff that you have.

Antique Coins & Bills

When you have a chance, go look at your coins and bills.  If you have a cool serial number, Cool Serial will buy it off you.  Yes, you read that right… just having a cool serial number might make you some money!

Antique coins in general have some value too.  Check out Ebay to see how much some of those “collectable” items are selling for.

Average Pay – Cool Serial Numbers has some items up for sale for $1,250, so you probably won’t get that much…but somewhere between $0 – $1,250.

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Become an Art Collector & Seller

If you like art, buying and selling (or just keep them if you like them).  If you have a specific piece that is worth a lot, consider selling it.

You could look at this one as an art collector, and creating a portfolio of paintings that is worth a lot in a bulk sale, or as an art collector flipper.

Find a local auction or look on Ebay, Amazon, Artsy, and Craigslist.

Average Pay – Will vary.

Brew Your Own Beer

If you are into the drinking scene, maybe this one is for you.  You can start brewing your own beer and selling it to others (it will also save you some money as you don’t have to buy your drinks anymore).

Average Pay – It was hard to find specific information on how much to make, but resources mentioned somewhere between $2-$4 per bottle.

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Buy, Sell, Refurbish Antiques

If you like antiques, why not find some good buys on Craigslist or a local Goodwill; buy it, refurbish it, and then sell it.  Chairs, furniture, lamps, and more!

Average Pay – Will vary, but it’s mostly for fun.

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Clothing Items

Have a garage sale and sell your used clothing items.  Go through the house and “de-clutter” and pull out the items that you don’t need or use anymore.  Instead of giving them away (which is always a nice thing to do), host a garage sale one Saturday and sell them instead.

Also, consider doing a Facebook garage sale group or consider online consignment stores.

Average Pay – Will vary, but if you do it right, you can probably make $100 on a single day, which will also depend on how many clothes you are getting rid of.

Custom Designed T-Shirts

This option to make money is a bit more than just getting your old clothes.  If you have a designing mind, get in touch with one of the five companies below and start designing your shirts.  These companies can help you design them for a few bucks per shirt and then you can start selling them to family, friends, or even start an online store!

Check out TeeSpring, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Skreened, Cafepress to get started.  

Average Pay – Based on the price of shirts on these 5 companies, you could probably make $5-$10+ per shirt (depending on how much you upsell).

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Declutter & Sell ______ 🙂

A bit intuitive, but have a general yard sale.  Declutter for a few weekends and then host a yard sale and sell whatever it is that you’d like to sell.

If you want to go big, consider getting your neighbors in on it and have a “neighborhood yard sale” to attract bigger crowds.

Propagate Plants to Sell

If you have any kind of extra space in your yard that you can use to grow plants, you have a way to grow money by propagating small plants from larger ones that you have.

In an area as small as 30 by 40 feet, or a mere 1/40th of an acre, you can make a nice supplemental income!

Average Pay – You can sell plants for $5 when they cost you $.50 to create.

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Sell Board Game Pieces

This is an interesting idea.  If you’ve ever been to Amazon or Ebay, people buy game pieces all the time.  No matter what game it is, sometimes you just lose the pieces!  

The next time you are at Goodwill or a yard-sale, pick up random board game pieces (or an extra set of Monopoly) and then sell the pieces online.

Average Pay – Will vary, but a few bucks can be made here or there.

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Sell Collectables

If you have collectables, consider selling them.  There is a large market for collectables on Ebay.  Baseball cards, Pokemon cards, original N64’s and other items have value.  While you might be interested in keeping them, you might be able to make some quick money that way.

Average Pay – Will vary.

Sell Photographs

Become a photographer and sell your photos.  There is no limit here and endless opportunities.  You can sell them to local businesses, individuals, at garage sales, and online…you name it!

As with all photographers, you’ll need to acquire some good equipment, but by selling your work, you can take your love and turn it into some extra cash.

Sell Recyclables

After you have done a decluttering, consider selling recyclables.  There are a lot of scrap metal companies that by metal, broken electronics, car batteries, bottles, cans, paper, and more.  

Depending on their stock at different times of the year, they will consider paying you more or less.  Find a local scrap or recycle company on Google. 

Sell Your Grandfathered Data Plan

This option is unique.  Do you have a grandfathered unlimited data plan from your phone service provider?  Well, apparently, there is quite the market for those plans (if you actually want to give it up!).

So, before you switch to a different carrier or phone option, consider selling yours first.  It’s a bit tricky to do (check out the resource below), and the carriers don’t like it, but you technically can with the Transfer Billing Responsibility request.

Average Pay – $1 – $300+

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Sell Your Hair

If you have some locks, you can sell them for cash.  You can buy hair or sell it at Hair Sellon.  If you are ready for a cut, sell it…don’t let it go to the trash.  

Average Pay

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Sell Your Old Makeup

If your makeup is old, and you aren’t going to use it, consider selling it at Glambot.  Of course, you can buy new items there as well, but they do take pre-owned items.  Check their “what can I sell?” page for additional information.

Average Pay – Will vary, but makeup is expensive, so you can make a good chunk of change.

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Start with a Red Paperclip…

Have you ever heard about how Kyle MacDonald started by trading a red paperclip and then eventually ended up with a house?  You can find the story in depth below.

The idea was that he traded and traded and traded until he had something that was of equal value of a house and then he was able to make his last deal for the house of his dreams!

Just think about it…it might be fun!

Average Pay – Unlimited!

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Write Songs/Sell Them

New music artists, along with veterans who want to climb the music chart industry, are both interested in purchasing songs that others write (that are obviously good!).  

If you have music talent, you can turn that talent into some money by selling the writes of the song.

You’ll have to go and promote it to publishers, artists, and recording labels, which could be a very daunting thing.  But if you have a good song and you can get over that, you can make some good money!

Average Pay –  This will vary greatly, but mostly because there are different fee structures.  Use the resources below to start your search and then go out and make it happen.

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Share Your Stuff

Share your stuff category

Share Your Stuff Category

*These options are for those that don’t mind sharing their stuff.  Some of these are permanent, while others can be more temporary.


Share your talent by becoming an actor.  You can do it on the side or make it a full-time thing.  Obviously, you could become a movie actor, but there are other opportunities, like online videos and commercials.

Consider going to school for acting, since a lot of producers want to see that.

Average Pay – $33/hour

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Car Wrapping

Have you ever seen the cars that have been “decorated” and advertise with their car?  It’s called “car wrapping”.  If you drive often for work or just because, and you have a nice car, you might be eligible to have your car wrapped…but only if you want it!

You’ll have to apply and get qualify…so do it now before they stop doing it!

Average Pay – Up to $1,000 per month!

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Quick & Temporary Renting

Airbnb is becoming the most popular online marketplace for quick/temporary renting.  You can post your house, apartment, or condo for rent.   You can do extended stays of just overnight.  

Average Pay – Read the review from Afford Anything.  Paula made an extra $500+ each month from switching her rental to a vacation rental on Airbnb versus a traditional tenant rental.

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Just like acting, you can share your stuff by modeling.  If you have “the look”, use it to make some side cash.  

There are a lot of opportunities, so make sure you look for local talent auditions.

Average Pay – Anywhere from $100 – $250/hour+ (but you have to get the gig first).

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Rent Out Extra Space

If you have some extra land or space, consider renting it out to those that you know or you can post it on Craigslist.  Boats, RV’s, other toys (or small stuff too).

Average Pay – Charge what you feel is fair, or negotiate it with others.

Rent Out Your Knick-Knacks

Check out Neighbor Goods.  You can share knick-knack items with others near you!  They have house tools (lawn mowers, shovels, etc.) as well as outdoor and sporting items, electronics, etc.  

Stop buying and then only using a few times…just rent it instead!

Average Pay – Depends on your rental price.

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Rent Out Your Car

If you work from home or don’t use your car a ton, turn it into a rental car!  Check out the application process on Turo.

Average Pay – There is an earnings calculator on the “List Your Car” page down below.  You need to check it out!

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Rent Out Your Clothes

Turn your clothes into money making machines…but don’t sell them…rent them instead!  Style Lend, and Rent the Runway are websites that you can list your clothes for rent.

Average Pay – Will vary, depending on how much you want to charge.

Rent Out Your Extra Rooms

If you aren’t in for the vacation rental with Airbnb, but would like to have recurring income each month then maybe a permanent tenant would be for you.

You can rent out your home, an apartment, a condo, or just a room in your house

Average Pay – $300+ depending on how much you want to list it for.

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Share Your Boat

If you feel comfortable sharing your boat, you can do so with Boatbound.  You can apply below!  The nice thing is that your boat is insured through them when you participate, so you’ll have peace of mind!

Average Pay – Each rental is $500+

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Share Your Mind

You can become an expert witness with The Expert Institute.  Turn your law mind and expertise into some extra needed cash!

Average Pay – Their website says that you can keep all the fees that you make, which will vary.

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Share Your Truck

With BuddyTruk, you can help deliver furniture whenever you want to.  You can also get local help with moving through them.  

Average Pay – Their website boasts that you can earn up to $40/hour.

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Share Your Car

Naturally Uber is the go-to on sharing your car, but there are other companies that are providing a similar service like Lyft.  

Both of those companies help you to become a “taxi” driver on the fly.  You’ll need to meet their car requirements and application.

Average Pay – $19/hr. – Uber & $16/hr. – Lyft

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Travel Category

Travel Category

*Here are some great options on how to make money without a job, or at least not a permanent one.  Travel the world, and work here and there to fund it!  The average pay section has been removed from these, as many of them are different in different areas of the world.

Agriculture & Farming Jobs

Escape from the big cities, live the rural live, and become a farming and agriculture guru.  Turn your love for working outdoors and care for the environment into some cash to let you travel the world!

You’ll need to be OK with getting dirty and taking jobs for less than you would make otherwise.  But if you are good with that, this job will help you travel all over.

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Become an Au Pair

Do you know what an Au Pair is?  An Au Pair is someone, typically a woman, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board.

So, if you love kids and don’t mind helping another family, this is a great option for you.  You’ll typically live with the host family and receive free accommodations and meals (and sometimes money on top of all that!).

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Be A Crew Member on a Yacht or Boat

How cool would it be to do a sailing trip through the most beautiful areas in the world?  You’ll need to be good with the whole sea-sickness things.  Sometimes these assignments aren’t paid, but you’ll be able to travel a lot.  

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Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruises are a lot of fun.  If you like them, and you are willing to work on one, then this option might be for you!  There are a lot of different jobs on a cruise ship (bartender, shop staff, receptionist, chef, casino staff, DJ, hair stylist, massage therapist, nurse, and others).

Food and accommodations are provided at no additional cost, so while you may not make a ton ($800-$8,000 per month depending on your position on the boat), you won’t be accruing any expenses.

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Flight Attendant

Get paid to travel!  Cabin crew members on an aircraft is a one of a kind job.  You’ll travel a ton, plus you typically get great perks: discounted flights (when you aren’t working), cheaper fares for family members, and hotel discounts.

An added bonus goes to those who speak another language.  

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Fruit Picking

There are a lot of places around the world that will pay you for seasonal fruit picking.  It’s a very popular job among travelers.  Check out the resources below to find more information on these types of jobs.

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Hair Stylist

If you are a hair stylist, consider offering services on the road.  Keep your basic equipment with you and advertise your services wherever you go.  You could hang fliers at the hostel you stay at or other online means.

Mobile Laundry Services

This is a job that many might not think about doing.  Consider starting up a mobile laundry service.  Offer your services wherever you go or in your hostel.  Depending on what services you want to offer (cleaning, ironing, etc.), you might be able to make a healthy sum for your traveling needs.


Regardless of “hotness” factor (it definitely does help), if you look different from the rest of a country’s citizens, you might be able to get a modeling shoot or too because you are now considered “exotic”!

Be confident in yourself!  Search online for near model agencies and introduce yourself to them.  This is one that you can do in almost any country!

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Scuba Diving Instructor

If you love diving, and you are scuba diving certified, then you could be an instructor wherever you go!  If you aren’t certified, consider getting certified!

Give travelers diving lessons and then enjoy your time off to do your own dives or travel the world.

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Seasonal Chef

If you know how to cool well, then why not cook your way around the world?  There is a lot of demand for seasonal workers in resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and many more!

Check out cruise ship jobs or go visit the nearby resort or restaurant where you travel.  Make sure you keep a few resumes wherever you go!

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Street Performer or Musician

This is a great way to make quick money wherever you go.  Sign, play guitar, juggle, breakdance, or whatever!  The sky’s the limit.  Try out your luck and do whatever you can do best.  

Find a busy street corner or public square and get to work.  Entertaining people can be a great way to go.

*One disclaimer, some countries and cities don’t allow this…so make sure you check out the local laws before you start!

Surf Instructor

If you are a surf instructor (or you have mad surfing skills), then consider being a beach bum and teaching people how to surf whenever you can, wherever you go!

It probably doesn’t pay very well, but it’s fun, adventurous, and perfect for the surfers with passion and skills to teach others.

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Teach English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a very common way to earn money and immerse yourself into a different culture and country.

There are job opportunities in a variety of different countries.  Some of these companies will even pay for your flights and living arrangements.  South Korea and Japan are the most well paid countries for English teachers…just FYI.

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Traveling Nurse / Other Doctors / Medical Staff

Becoming a travel nurse can be a great position for those nurses out there that are sick of staying in the same hospital/location for their entire careers.  There is a big demand for nurses around the globe.

You’ll need at least 1 year of working experience.  You can typically earn $30-$60/hour USD.  Visas and housing are also provided most of the time.  Job assignments usually last for 13 weeks, but can often be extended by mutual agreement.

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Work in Hotels/Hostels

If you are a regular at hostels and hotels, why you work for them for free room and board?  Become the receptionist, clean the rooms, become the driver for airport pick-ups and more.  

Some may pay you, but others may just give you a free bed and food.

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Yoga Instructor

If you are good with the yoga positions and teaching others, then why not teach it to others in different parts of the world?

You could teach at a yoga retreat, or just find a resort and ask to start teaching classes to their travelers.   It’s fun and you could potentially do it on your own time too.

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Work from Home

Here you will find ideas for three different work from home sections… Freelance, Online, and Service.

Work from Home-Freelance

Work from Home - Freelance

Work from Home – Freelance Category

*These are some awesome ways to make money from home!  These are specifically in the freelancer realm… which is someone who works for different companies or individuals rather than being permanently employed by one company.  The options below are some pretty easy ways to make quick cash!

Become a Researcher

You can become a researcher for Wonder.  Earn money with your mind; work when you want to.  You’ll need to apply through the website below.  As a researcher, you can recommend a product or service, explain trends and phenomenon’s, gather statistics, and more.

Average Pay – Some researchers are reporting up to $500/week.

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Become a Tutor

If you enjoy teaching and helping others to learn whatever it is that you enjoy teaching, then this option is for you!  

You can earn money from home by answering homework questions and assignments with students.

Average Pay – The top 3 earners at Studypool have all made over $119,000.

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College Admissions Essay Editor

This option is interesting.  Essay Edge is hiring college admissions essay editors.  You will provide comprehensive proofreading services, assist customers in brainstorming and developing ideas, and help applicants produce polished, original essays.

If you are good with editing, this might be your job…and it pays well.  Apply and then if approved, you’ll be contacted.

Average Pay – $25 – $40/hr.

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Data Entry

Data entry is a great way to earn money online.  You can pick your own schedule, type away, and get paid.  Check out job boards like Monster or Career Builder to see if you can find at home data entry positions that are available.

Be careful of spammers in this industry!

Average Pay – $6 – $20/hour

Freelance Editor

Freelance editing is fairly easy to get into, but you need to be good with language, words, and good narrative skills too.  You’ll need to have “thick-skin” as you’ll be working with different editorial staffs and what they want.

There are a lot of opportunities with this option.  Websites, newspapers, and publishers all need editors and a lot of them will hire freelancers.  Consider marketing yourself through a website and social media.

Average Pay – Beginning editor – $20/hour; advanced editor – $50-$85/hour

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Freelance Proofreader

If you are good at spotting incorrect spellings, typos, a lousy page layout, and a poorly worded sentence, then you might be a good proofreader!

Being a freelance proofreader gives you total control of your schedule and earnings.  There are tons of jobs available, so check out the resources below to get started.

Average Pay – $17.50/hour

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Freelance Writer

There are a ton of freelance writing possibilities, which are great ways to make money online.   Check out these websites for opportunities to start your freelance writing career: Submit a list at Listverse, Worldstart, Iwriter (affiliate link), or search online “freelance jobs” and see what comes up.

If you are good at writing, start writing in your spare time and get paid for it!

Average Pay – Will Vary

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Graphic Design

For those of you who are creative and good with your imagination, consider becoming a graphic designer.  Websites, businesses and companies all need work to create images, logos, infographics, business cards, flyers, etc.

You can certainly go to school for this, or you can take courses at Udemy or to sharpen up your skills.

Average Pay – $20-$26/hour

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Create Greeting Cards

Just like a graphic designer, greeting card creators also need to be creative and have an imagination.  Find work on Upwork (resource below). This option will be fun and you can do it on your own time.

If you really want to go big…create your own greeting cards with Adobe or Canva and sell them directly to companies.  

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found.

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Landing Page Expert

If you are good with graphics and website design, consider becoming a freelance landing page expert.  You’ll need to work quickly and efficiently, using the best resources that you have to turn a landing page into a high converting page for your client.  If you can succeed with doing that…they’ll love you forever!

Average Pay – $35-$50/hour

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Mystery Shopper – In Person

If shopping and eating on someone else’s dime is your cup of tea, then becoming a mystery shopper is just right for you!  You will typically get paid to eat and shop at your favorite brands, all the while getting reimbursed for your purchases.

Mystery shoppers do a great service by helping local stores, restaurants, and banks become better places for consumers to visit.  You help to provide real improvement for future customers.

Before committing to work, make sure the company is part of MSPA.

Average Pay – $8-$25 / assignment

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Mystery Shopper – Phone Calls

If you don’t want to go shop at the malls, you can become a mystery shopper by phone.  You’ll need to be good with the details (so that you can write up a great report at the end) and a good listener.

Average Pay – Up to $30/hour

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Resume Helper

Being a resume helper allows you to help your clients get jobs…which is an important function of society.  You’ll need to be good with writing, vocabulary, structuring a resume and more.  Consider keeping up with the latest trends of resume writing as well.

You can find work through FlexJobs, Indeed, RiseSmart, Talent Inc., and Upwork.

Average Pay – $27/hour

Sell Your Talents

No matter what your talent is (graphic design, web design, niche website creation, etc.) you can sell that talent on Fiverr, which is a global online marketplace for tasks and services.  

Fiverr boasts that a gig is bought every 5 seconds, and they have had 25 million jobs completed.

Average Pay – Jobs range from $5 – $10,000.

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A transcriptionist is one who converts speech (live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.  This service is often outsourced by the medical, law and business communities.

There is training involved, since most of the time it isn’t just “listen and type”…so look at the educational requirements for each of these potential employers: Transcribeme, Rev, Tigerfish, Quicktate, Crowdsurf, Speechpad. 

Average Pay – $15 – $25/audio hour

Voice Over Talent

A voice over is someone who reads a script and whose services are generally used for radio and television commercials, narrations for instructional or promotional videos, audio books, or even acting in animation.

If that is something that intrigues you, then make sure you check out, which is the largest online marketplace for voice actors.

Average Pay – states that voice actors get paid on a per project or per job basis.   Your earnings as a voice actor range from $100 (15 sec. recording) $250 (30-60 sec. recording) to $3,000 per audiobook.

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Write Greeting Card Poems

A creative way to make some extra money is by writing greeting card poems.  All of us have received a card before; it’s a huge industry.

If you are good with writing funny, lovey-dovey, special, or nice lines, then consider doing it to help you make money from home.  Check out the 3 companies below that will pay you for your work.

Average Pay – $25 – $300 per job, depending on the company and what you provide for them.

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Write Jokes

We all know that person that is just hilarious.  They have a way with words and a creative spirit to get the faintest of hearts to laugh till they cry!  If that is you, then you need to jump into the joke business.

Write something and then pitch it on, America’s only humor site!  They are currently looking for articles, photoshops, infographics and videos.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be confirmed, but was rumored in the $100+ range.

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Write Slogans for Companies

For those of you who are good at putting a few words together in perfect harmony, then Slogan Slingers is the place to go check out.  

Slogan Slingers is the first ever crowdsourcing contest site that specialists in slogans.  If you happen to write the best slogan, you’ll get paid pretty well!

Average Pay – $30/word

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Work from Home-Online

Work from Home - Online

Work from Home – Online Category

*Want to know how to make money online?  These are some of the best, and most creative ways to do so.   Let your creative juices flow and start now to make cash online today!

Amazon Fulfillment Seller

Here’s the idea… find a product that people buy often.  Put it up for sale on Amazon and then ship it to Amazon.  Once someone buys it, Amazon does the packaging, shipping, and customer service for your product.  That’s it…well not really.  It’s a bit complicated; however, if you can buy products at a heavy discount and then mark them up only to where they can sell quickly, you can make significant money.

The bonus is that it’s extremely passive for you (other than finding and shipping the products initially to Amazon).

Average Pay – A few hundred/month+

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can also make money on amazon by becoming a Mechanical Turk.  As a Mechanical Turk Worker you can work from home, choose your own work hours, and get paid by working on HITs (human intelligence tasks).

These tasks range from data entry to research and some are random.  You’ll earn more as you complete more and more HITs, as you’ll then qualify for higher paying HITs.

Average Pay – A few dollars to $300/week for the serious Turk-ers.

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Autoresponder + Affiliate Marketing

There are people out there that make money from an autoresponder email sequence, and maybe you can become one of them.  If you have an email list, you can use that list to earn money.

You start by joining an affiliate program (where you have access to a host of affiliate products) and then you slowly introduce affiliate products to your list.

Average Pay – The Sky’s the Limit!

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Tech Support

There are large companies, like Dell and Apple (there are others) that are starting to hire work from home techies. This might be the best way to make money online because you are working for a stable company who isn’t going anywhere soon, all from the comfort of your home.

Average Pay – $23 – $25/hour

Monetize a Blog

Have you even wondered how to make money blogging?  It’s hard work, which is probably a surprise to many.  If you want to make money blogging, you need to buy a domain, build the website, build your brand, develop a following, and then have a good monetization strategy (affiliate products, ads, your own products, etc.).

If you like the idea of sharing your thoughts about a specific thing with the world, then blogging might be up your alley.

Average Pay – At first you might only make “lunch cash”, but if you work hard and do it the right way, you could make a lot of money, even a full-time income.

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Build a Niche Website

A niche website is very different from a blog.  A blog is all about the author.  Those who follow that blog follow the author.  A niche website is all about the content.  Those who follow a niche website follow the content.  

Building a niche website tends to be harder, in the early months, but can be more lucrative at selling time (since the following stays when you make an exit).

If this interests you, find your niche and build your brand around content within that niche.

Average Pay – ??? You might make it big, or you might not.  But it might be fun either way…

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Buy/Sell Domain Names

Often, the right website needs the right domain name.  If you have already purchased that domain name and have it for sale…you can make money “flipping” that domain.  

Think outside the box here.  There are some that held on to a domain name for years and then sold it for millions!  While the chances aren’t very high, you just never know!

Average Pay – Varies.

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Customer Service

Are you good with customer service?  There are a lot of companies that are outsourcing to stay at home individuals, such as: AngelList, Flexjobs, and others.

Average Pay – Customer Service Rates… but in your PJ’s.

Start a Dropshipping Business

A dropshipping business is where you don’t keep products at your location.  You work it out with a manufacturer or wholesaler to ship your products directly to your customers.  

This business type allows one to work from home without having to do customer shipments out of their home.  You’ll make less money, as the wholesaler company will want more to do the work for you, but it can still be an awesome business model for you.

Average Pay – Will vary, depending on your niche and how hard you work.

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Electronics Repair

If you are good with electronics, then consider starting up an electronics repair company.  You can open up shop online with a website, or work out deals to help local electronics companies.  Ideally, you can do both.  If you have the extra space at home, you can do this out of your house.

The only problem is that we seem to becoming a “throw-away” society, so this business model may not be around forever.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found.

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Evaluate & Fix Search Engines

If you would like to stay at home and work online, one opportunity is by evaluating and fixing search engines. Search Engine Evaluators conduct research, evaluation, and feedback on search engine results.  They measure the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to what was searched.

Average Pay – $13/hour

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Flip Websites

Like flipping domain names, you can flip websites as well.  Buy one, fix it up by putting new graphics, content, videos (or whatever else you think would add value) and then sell it for a profit.

Average Pay – Will vary depending on how much you put into it.

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Image Reviewer

You can become an Image Reviewer for Shutterstock, which is another great way to work online.  You’ll review images for overall quality, commercial suitability, and adherence to the company’s quality guidelines and standards.

You can work from home and do it in your spare time.

Average Pay – Pay is per image reviewed…but pay information couldn’t be found.

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Social Media Marketing & Influencer

If you have a following on any social media platform, you can make money by being an influencer.  Becoming a digital influencer is exciting.  Famebit, Izea, and Webfluential will pay you to pitch products and services to your following.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found, although some highly influential people are making $100,000 per post.

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Invest Your Money

If you want to know how to make money in the stock market, check out this guide: Investing is the Ultimate Collection. Investing is a great way to make money online.  It’s passive, although maintaining your portfolio is a must.  

Investing doesn’t need to be complicated, and in this day in age, you can learn how to do it in a few hours’ time.

Compound interest is a beautiful thing.  Tap into it and earn some money.

Average Pay – Will vary.

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Launch a Youtube Channel

Youtube is still a great platform for launching a channel.  There are a host of guides out there, but we have listed our favorites.  If you build up your following, you can earn income from the video advertisements that we have all seen on Youtube.  

This is a great opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Average Pay – Will vary.  Build up the following first, then the money will follow.

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Listen & Rate Songs

Get paid for your opinion.  Slicethepie is the largest online paid review site.  Your feedback on tracks, clothing, and lots more goes directly to help artists, record labels, and brands make decisions.  

Average Pay – Base rate of 2 cents per review (can go up to 4 cents per review) + a bonus based on detailed, helpful and high quality reviews.

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Listen to Phone Calls from Home

With this option, you listen to recorded phone calls, answer simple questions with the click of a button, and earn real money.  You’ll need a Paypal account to get paid. Review calls…get paid.

Average Pay – Low paying job – less than $5/hour

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Online Surveys

Make money doing surveys.  With these websites, you can earn legitimate money for surveys.   In recent years, scamming has become a big deal, but these websites have come out of the “noise” and proven that they are legit.

Websites to check out: Ipsos Panel, Vip Voice, My Points, Earning Station, Quick Rewards, Panel Place, Harris Poll Online, Pointclub, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Quick Thoughts.

Average Pay – A few dollars for each survey.  If you do enough of them, you can make a bit.

Virtual Assistant

Be a virtual assistant for some of the busiest people.  You might be asked to organize Dropbox folders, schedule calls or meetings, pay bills, book travel, and clear the inbox – just to name a few.

If you are good with doing tasks quickly, this job is for you.

Average Pay – $13-$18/hour

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Custom Phone Case Business

There are more mobile devices than people in this world, and the phone accessory business is growing rapidly. Creating custom phone cases can harness your creative and business sides.  Check out the resources below for more info.

Average Pay – Pay information couldn’t be found, but just like any business, there is always earning potential.

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Play Poker Online for Money

Good with poker?  Play online and make some extra side cash!  BEWARE of scamming websites…but there are definitely good, legal poker sites out there.

Average Pay – Just like with any card game…it’s up to your luck!

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Purchase an Existing Website

If you are wondering, “How can I make money fast?” maybe the best option is to purchase an existing website.  It already has traffic, it already has brand recognition and the previous website owner probably had a monetization strategy in place too.  

Check out Flippa below to view and possibly purchase an existing website!

Average Pay – A few hundred/month or more!

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Sell Online Courses

The “make money quick” option isn’t present with this one.  Creating an online training course isn’t for the faint of heart.  It will take a lot of time and energy to create a digital product like a training course.  However, once it’s created, you can keep earning more and more money off of it every single year.

Udemy is a great platform for creating and then marketing a training course.  

Average Pay – Udemy will let you keep 97% of the earnings, if you promote your course yourself.  If you opt to let them promote it for you, you’ll split 50-50.  They boast that the average earnings for their training courses is $8,000+.

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Share Your Ideas/Become a Solver

Are you a curious person who wants to solve problems that matter? As a Solver, you’ll have access to important problems from a diverse set of Seekers: corporations, public sector agencies, and nonprofit organizations from around the world. InnoCentive helps Seekers formulate their problems, ideas, and goals as Challenges, which are broadcast to the public.  If you submit a solution and it’s awarded by the seeker, you receive the Challenge award.

Average Pay – You will earn money (varying amount) based on if you win the challenge award.

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Start a Podcast

A podcast is a digital audio file that is often downloaded by the user and listened to on their phone or other device.  It is often produced in a series, which subscribers can automatically get.  They can be a fun way to get your voice out to an audience.

Typically, you receive money from ads within your podcast, just like ads on the radio.

Average Pay – Will vary based on your following.

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Subtitle Movies & TV Shows

If you are a movie buff or just love to watch TV, then producing subtitles may be up your alley.  At the time of writing this, Wesubtitle stated that they weren’t hiring at the present day, but feel free to go to their website every so often.

Average Pay – Average monthly earnings = $240

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Surf the Web as Usual

Money making online might be as simple as surfing the web as usual.  There are a host of online websites that will pay you just to browse around as normal.  

Websites to check out: Inbox Dollars, Google Screenwise, Digital Reflection Panel, Savvy Connect, Nielson Mobile Panel, and Mobile Expressions for Android.

Average Pay – Most only pay a few bucks each month.

Trash Emails

Did you realize that your trash email is actually worth money?  If you shop online, you are a great candidate for using this app.  You’ll have to give it access to your email and credit card, but if you don’t mind that, then you can make some refund money quick.

Go to the resource below to find out exactly what it is.

Average Pay – $100 a year (or so) for doing pretty much nothing.

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Web Design

Web designers use various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create the layout and other visual elements of the website.  It’s a chance to let your creative juices flow.  

Web designers are constantly learning, but they make a good wage.  If you are good with web design, then starting your own web design service company is definitely an option.

Average Pay – $34/hour

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Web Development

Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the web design files.

You’ll want to learn code and be good with searching google for help to your problems (there is ample amount of information online).

Average Pay – $26/hour

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Websites Themes & Plugins

While we are talking about the web, you can also create website themes and plugins and sell them online.  You’ll need to be VERY good with code.  Make sure you find a good marketplace like Envato or Mojo and provide good customer support for those who buy your product.

Average Pay – Will vary, based on what you design and how to market that product

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Website Tester

As a website tester, you will visit a website or app, perform and complete set tasks, and then report back and share your thoughts.  Then you get paid.  It’s as easy as that.

Websites to check out: Usertesting, Whatusersdo, Enroll, Userfeel, Analysia, and Loop 11.

Average Pay – $10+ per test.

Work from Home-Services

Work from home - Service

Work from Home – Service Category

*These are all opportunities to work from home, but are service based.  So, strike a pose, get your groove on, and then start working for your money!

Become a Consultant – Anything

Become an expert in, really anything.  Whatever you are the subject matter on, you can be the consultant for other companies, many who are in the Fortune 500.

Job and payment are on a project basis.

Average Pay – Varies, based on your expertise.

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Become a Genealogist

Do you like building family trees?  Become a Genealogist!  You can work for a company like Genealogy Freelancer and perform services to help others find their heritage and deceased family members.

Average Pay – Will vary based on what you offer to do.

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Become a Google Ad Specialist

Companies all over the world use Google Ads to serve ads to potential customers.  The problem though is that it’s hard to keep up with changes at Google and run a business.  For that reason, companies are hiring “google ad specialist”.  It’s someone that manages a company’s google ad campaign(s).  

You’ll track keywords, and help design ads all while staying in the budget.  You will need to become a “google partner”, which requires taking a few tests and getting certified.  Find out more in the resources below.

Average Pay – Pay-per-click specialists (pretty much the same thing) make $18-$20/hour

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Become a Linguist

If you know a second language, consider becoming a translator/linguist.  Rev will hire you to perform freelance work.  

Average Pay – $0.05 – $0.07/word transcribed.  It might seem small, but a 250-word article would be $12.50 (based on $0.05).  Typically, a 250-word article takes 2-5 minutes to read… so do the math.

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Commission-Only Sales

If you are good at sales, consider being a commission-only salesman.  It’s hard to sell, but some people just have a way with words and talking to people.   AngelList often has companies that are hiring others to do sales.  Check out their website for opportunities.

Average Pay – Will vary depending on your ability to sell.

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Copywriting for Websites

Copywriters are in demand, at a time when advertising and writing content is high.  It’s extremely competitive, but also very lucrative.  About pages, FAQ’s, advertisement, and blog posts are often outsourced to copywriters.

Average Pay – Typically $50-$100 per hour.  

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Online Dating Consultant

“Can you feel the love tonight?”  Can you name that movie?  If you enjoy helping others find love, consider becoming an online dating consultant.  Yes… it’s wacky, but yes it works for a lot of people!

Average Pay – $15+/hour

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Push for New Laws – Call Others

For those who are into politics, this one is for you.  Nextwave Advocacy has a team that reaches out to the grassroots to talk about new laws that are coming up or to get support to push for a new law.  You’ll need to be good with calling others and talking politics, but that’s about it!

Average Pay – $11/hour

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SAT/ACT Tutors are private tutors that help others get ready for and pass with higher scores on the SAT and/or ACT.  You will need to have gotten a really good score yourself on your SAT or ACT so that you can help other students succeed.

Average Pay – $15 – $50 is the range that can be found online.

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SEO Expert Services

What is an SEO Expert?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  A SEO Expert focuses on improving the visibility of his/her clients in the search rankings.  There are a host of possible services, such as a website SEO audit report, link building, on page SEO tactics, etc.

Average Pay – $20+/hour

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Social Media Manager

A social media manager is becoming more and more popular as social media continues to change the business landscape.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube are all platforms that you’ll need to be competent in.

You’ll also be in charge of developing and implementing marketing strategies for those platforms.

Average Pay – $22/hour

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Virtual RN’s or Home Nurse

If you love medicine, but you don’t have the ability or (desire) to leave home, you can be a Virtual RN or Home Nurse.  

Websites to check out: Fonemed, Carenet, Nemours, Wellpoint, McKesson Health Solutions.

Average Pay – $30/hour, give or take


Among the many, many websites that were looked at to help find ways to make cash, these were the special ones that helped us dramatically create this list, so we wanted to give proper citation to them.  A big thanks!

  1. Money Pantry
  2. VTX Capital
  3. The Penny Hoarder
  4. Salt in My Coffee
  5. Side Hustle Nation
  6. Breaking the One Percent
  7. Just One Way Ticket
  8. How to Make Money as a Kid

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Final Thoughts on How to Make Money

This post will be updated regularly.  Surely there are other weird, wacky, ingenious, and awesome ways to make extra money that slipped through the cracks.  As we find them, or others share them with us, we will update this post, along with our 330+Ways to Earn Money List (which you can download for free).

So, stop asking yourself this question, “How can I make money?”, and start using these ways to help you gain power over your life!  These are the best money making ideas from around the web, so rest assured that you can earn money with these.

Managing money is a key life skill that puts YOU in control…and once you have that control, then you truly have POWER OVER LIFE!

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