You gain control of life and thus, Power over Life, by improving key life skills of money management, self-improvement, social, leadership and practical skills. We believe that by learning key life skills and applying those skills into your life will help you have power over your life. Learning and applying these skills will help you continually grow and progress, which will naturally lead to an improved life.

At Power over Life, we’re passionate about helping others improve their lives through understanding and applying important life skills to help them gain power OVER their lives.  By improving yourself, you can successfully move your life forward, entering a higher plane of thought, action and habits.  Learning how to improve yourself is a key skill that puts YOU in control and once you have that control, then you truly have POWER OVER LIFE!

Stop floating your way through life.  Take action.  Take charge.  Take ownership.

There is a better life to be had, and we want to show you how to get there.

Life is awesome...don't take it for granted

Power over life comes from within


POWER OVER LIFE is for you to learn and develop basic life skills that will help you master life and gain power OVER it.

No matter how you found us, we are grateful and excited that you are here. Our primary goal is to help you along your journey through life.

Life can be difficult; in fact, it can sometimes be downright depressing and ugly… all of us are prone to have challenges, trials, and struggles in this life. The great part is that we were all born with the talents, abilities, and the cognitive know-how to pass life’s greatest tests. Sometimes, we just need to fine-tune those talents, abilities, and know-how so that we can have greater success!

Benjamin Franklin once said…

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.

That is a timeless, true principle. Everything we do here will be to teach you to remember, and involve you so that you can learn.

You will see “action steps” and “quick tips” throughout our website. These are designed to help you apply what has been taught. After all, this website is all about life skills. If you have come here, honestly seeking to improve a part of your life, and you walk away without feeling like you have an idea or new tool to help you try again…then we will have failed.


OUR GOAL – to give you POWER over LIFE…

Our deepest desire is for you to learn and develop basic life skills that will help you master life and gain power OVER it.

But, what are life skills? These are important skills that fulfil, up-lift, and help you participate in everyday life. Learning and developing these essential life skills will help you:

  • Master different areas of life (how to manage money or how to build confidence, for example).
  • Improve and increase the quality of life.
  • Become aware of your personal improvement and progression.
  • Set and accomplish personal goals.
  • Become your best self!


No matter if you are a child or teen, student, or adult, you can find information here about important life skills that will improve your life.

We hope that we can help create a brighter and happier future for you and your family! If we can ever do anything for you, please feel free to contact us!





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